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St. Mary's Samplings 030114

A review of happenings and upcoming events at St. Mary’s School in Morris

Kindergarten:  Brrr it is still very cold and we want spring weather!  We worked with the letter “B” this week and learned the sight word “what,” which we use a lot.  In math we are starting math mountains—and we are loving it thus far, ask us about them.  We sent in our book for publishing and are sure it will be a best reader!

Grade 1:  This week we worked really hard on finishing up our class book so it is ready to go to print.  In reading we read about Cesar Chavez and how he helped crop pickers have a better life.  We worked with words with the long o sound made by the letters –o, -ow, -oa, and –oe.  In math we got worked on comparison story problems and started on measurement.  We did a nice job with our Mass parts on Wednesday and we went to UMM for a short theatre performance.  We are really wanting some better temperatures.

Grade 2:  The second graders are beginning a social studies unit on the past.  We learned that we can find out about history in many ways.  We can learn about history from older family members, buy visiting a museum, by reading about the past, and by watching videos that share information from the past.  We are continuing our work with two digit subtraction in math class.  We learned to regroup using zeros this week.

Grade 3:  The bitter cold found us having to stay inside for our recess times again.  We will all be glad when this winter weather trend is over.  In math we continued to work with multi-step word problems and we are trying to improve our multiplication and division skills.  There are lots of fun activities on the iPad that help with the facts.  On Wednesday we enjoyed a presentation at UMM and we thank them for inviting us to attend and for arranging transportation for us.  Ash Wednesday is coming up next week so we are thinking about the kind of sacrifice we can make during lent that could help others as well as change our lives for the better.

Grade 4: The fourth graders are busy writing a book that is going to get published and writing essays on why they are proud to be an American this week. We are also learning different strategies on how to multiply larger numbers. The strategy that many of us like to use is the expanded notation method. In social studies we are learning about all of the natural resources that can be found in the southeast part of the United States.

Grade 5 and 6: Another cold week kept us from getting exercise outside but our brains were still getting exercise in the classroom. In math the sixth graders have been working hard on their unit, Collecting and Displaying Data. They have been working with tables, bar graphs, and finding the mean, median, mode and range. The fifth graders are continuing to work with fractions and this week we have been learning about equivalent fractions and also like and unlike fractions. In science we have been enjoying our chapter on Interactions in Ecosystems. This week we have been talking about adaptations and how they help organisms survive in its environment.