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Tiger Cub Beat, Morris Area Elementary School

A note from Principal Ken Gagner

I happen to come across a great article a few weeks ago written by leadership expert Dr. Tim Elmore. His message focused on the common mistakes we make as parents. One of his key points is that we don't allow our children to experience risk.  We want to protect and rescue them from every misadventure or disappointment. The result, as Dr. Elmore explains, is children with a high degree of arrogance and low self-esteem. I've come to realize that during the short amount of time we have our children at home, it's actually the perfect time to let our son’s and daughter’s experience the highs and lows life will provide. Although the child rearing years can often seem hectic, keep in mind most of your child's lives will be spent in the “real” world, and it's our job to make that transition successful.

Speaking of transitions, I'll transition into the informational part of the newsletter. Please take note of the varied activities taking place in our school, and as always, don't hesitate to contact me or stop in; this is your school.

1. School will be in session Monday, Feb. 17, and Friday, March 14 (make-up days).  The fourth grade ski trip will be held Monday, Feb. 10.

2. Join us for our second annual Dare Mighty Things Day on Friday, March 7, starting at 2:15 p.m. in the M.A.E.S. Concert Hall.  Students are invited to dress for their ‘dream’ careers on that day.  

3. Our Book Fair was very successful with total sales of $5,143 and a profit for our school of $1,285. Thank you to Heather Montonye, everyone that came and supported our school, and to all our volunteers. We could not do this without you!

4. A reminder about two significant changes found in the M.A.E.S. student handbook:  

• Morris Area Elementary does not have a student gift exchange for Christmas;

• No flower, balloon, or other similar gift deliveries are allowed on Valentine’s Day.

Perfect Attendance

The following students were not tardy or absent during the first semester of the 2013 – 2014 school year.

Sixth grade: Cam Bengston, Madison Carrington, Noah Danielson, Garrett Eystad, Christopher Just, Cameron Koebernick, Dalton Koehler, Tanner Lanoue, Jaden Maanum, Abigail Malek,  Miranda Papesh, Bradley Rohloff, Karmen Sperr, Kendra Wevley and Shantel Wolf.                

Fifth grade: Jacob Boots Lucile Bransel, Isaac Ebnet, Hannah Flogstad, Alexandra Gomer, Camryn Greeley-Monteau, Cynthia Gutierrez, Greta Hentges,  Kylie Irwin, Ana Juarez Hernandez, Nicholas McDonnell, Morgan Mithun, William Peterson and Madison Solvie.

Fourth grade: Abelardo Arreguin, Abbigail Athey, Lydia Bright, Cortney Hickman, Bailey Hottovy, Samuel Jordan, Sawyer Knobloch, Brady Krusemark, Jackson Loge, Itzel Sanchez Salguero, Breanna Schmidgall and Memarie White Mountain.

Third grade: Justin Asmus, Henry Berberi, Trevor Buss, Matthew Gomer, Katya Lackey, Sydney Logeais, Lewis Nohl and Emmnuel Sanchez Salguero.

Second grade: Hayden Busche, Callie Koser, Madison Kral, Makenna Loge, Darin Van Horn, Ashley Wehking and Chloe Zimmel.

First grade: Alivia Butterfass, Isaac Just, Ethan Maras, Olivia McDonnell, Mitchell Moser, Tobin Nichols, Ellen Reed, Amy Varga, Jazmin Walton and Landon Wolf.

Kindergarten: Mandy Anderson, Scarlet Bergstrom-McKee, Genevieve Buhl, Carson Campbell, Addison Cihak, Ryla Koehler, Hayley McNeill, Allison Nohl, Lydia Pollard, Carter Raths and Dylan Rethamel.

Dates to Remember

Feb. 10: Grades six through 12 Jazz Concert / Concert Hall / 7:30 p.m.

Feb. 10: Fourth grade ski trip

Feb. 12: Two-hour late start

Feb. 17: School is in session

Feb. 21: Midterms

Feb. 26: Kindergarten through sixth grade Lyceum / Bully Buster / 2 p.m. / Concert Hall

Feb. 29: Jump Rope for Heart