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St. Mary's Samplings 020114

A review of happenings and upcoming events at St. Mary’s School in Morris

Kindergarten: This was Catholic Schools Week and what a week we had. We were sad we had to miss Monday due to the cold, but we made up for it.  Ask us about all the fun we had!  A big thanks to all our families for the support you give us; we could not do it without you.  Jacob Feist brought us some sunshine and warm weather back from Florida; we let a little out this week so it could be warmer out. Watch out for next week!

Grade 1:  We had a great Catholic Schools Week. We enjoyed playing bingo, bowling and skiing. We had a lot of fun dressing up for the different days. We all looked very spiffy on Wednesday for dress fancy day.  We worked with words with long o, long u and long e this week.  We are working on finding the number partners that make 100 and seeing the similarities in the number partners that make 10.  

Grade 2:  We’ve had a great time celebrating Catholic Schools Week.  In addition to playing bingo, going bowling and skiing and many other activities, we were able to read a new story for reading class that was an autobiography of an author. Our story helped to understand how authors get ideas for what they write about from within themselves.  Many authors also rely on their memories and past experiences to inspire their writings.  In science this week we finished our unit on land and water and how the earth changes.

Grade 3:  Despite no school on Monday and some cold temperatures, we have been enjoying Catholic Schools Week activities.  Dress up days have been fun as well as bingo, “sparkle” spell downs, bowling, and family fun night and supper at the Old No. 1.  We had a medallion hunt in the classroom for the CSW logo.  We managed to keep up on some spelling, reading, and math as well, so it was a productive week.  We are hoping for nicer weather and full weeks of school for the rest of the winter.

Grade 4: We had a fantastic Catholic Schools week despite the cold weather and a missed school day. We really enjoyed playing bingo, bowling and skiing. We also had the opportunity to thank our parish and parents for their support and for sending us to school at St. Mary’s. One of our favorite activities was having everyone get together at the Old No. 1 for awesome burgers and to let everyone show off their dance moves with a DJ.

Grade 5 and 6: This week was Catholic Schools Week and we had a wonderful time even though we had a cold start. We got to go bowling, ate a fancy meal, and played bingo. On Wednesday we even had a family night at the Old No. 1 with a DJ and a meal. Even though we did many fun things we did keep up on our work. In math the sixth graders worked on multiplying fractions by a whole number and the fifth graders learned about circumference. In science we took a test on Thursday on our “Parents and Offspring” chapter. During the Catholic Schools Week we are thankful for our school and for all those that support us. Thank you.

Principal’s Notes:  It has been a busy week.  Shortening up our week due to weather beginning Catholic Schools Week has been challenging but fun too.  Despite the blizzard, our kick-off Mass for Catholic Schools Week was well attended. I am so impressed at how well our students read in front of a full congregation.  Tuesday we provided coffee and rolls for our parents and bingo with the students followed.

Today was Dress Day and Fancy Lunch.  Our cooks made a special meal and dessert and we were served on plates (no trays).  Of course we ate with classical music and candlelight.  It is a fun time to look at the students so dressed up. The week isn’t done and is full of more activities so until next week, stay warm!