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By Tony Reimers, Community Education Director

In the January 18, 2014 issue of the Morris Sun Tribune, Mr. Gagner said it best; “We live in a great community and with no lawn to cut, mosquitoes to slap, or golf balls to strike this winter we can focus on what we love doing best – learning.”

Did you know that Morris Area Community Education is offering over 25 Adult Enrichment classes during the Winter & Spring 2014 session?  These classes allow adults the opportunity to learn new things, experience new challenges, meet new people, and cover a variety of interests.

Below is a sampling of what we are offering during the Winter & Spring 2014 session for adult learners.

MORRIS COOKS!, Morris Area Community Education, and MORRIS Healthy Eating are collaborating to offer FOUR different classes in a cooking series.

Ancient Egyptian Cuisine

Traditional Breads for Everyday Living and Celebrations

Pasta Dishes in 30 Minutes or Less

Quick and Healthy Meals to Go

Beginning Knitting

Essential Oils for a Healthier You

Introduction to Spanish

A Physical Defense Class for Women (RAD)

A series of Technology Classes:

Computer Basics

Communication Basics with your Computer

Social Media with your Computer

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Publisher

Apps and Smartphones

PADI Open Water SCUBA training

A series of Financial Classes:

Financial Planning Basics

The 10 Most Common Mistakes Pre-retirees Make & How to Avoid Them

Parents, Kids, and Money Matters

Social Security: Strategize to Maximize

Sometimes people complain when trying to learn a new skill: “I’m not that young anymore. It’s harder to learn anything new.” But adult brains may be more pliable than we thought.  Past research has shown that adult brains can increase in gray matter over weeks or months.  Recently a study has found that it’s possible to increase the brain’s gray matter in only a matter of days.

In this recent study, scientists created an experiment that mimicked how young children learn new words. They took four similar shades of green and blue and gave them made-up names.   Nineteen adults learned to match those names and shades in five sessions, over three days!

The scientists took MRI images of the subjects’ brains before and after this experiment.  When looking as those images, they found a noticeable increase in gray matter volume in the regions known to be related to color, vision, and perception. The researchers contend that the adult brain is thus more changeable than anyone thought!

To learn more about our classes or to register online, go to and click on the Community Education link.  We are excited about the new sessions and hope you will come and learn with us.