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Tiger Cub Beat - Morris Area Elementary School

A note from Principal Ken Gagner

As the New Year has arrived many of us have considered a new year's resolution – or possibly thought about the goals we set for ourselves in 2013. In school talk, we lay out our resolutions (goals) each September. At Morris Area Elementary School that means a clear focus on seeing every child grow academically and providing a safe, secure, and nurturing environment. In addition to the adults setting goals, each of our students was asked to do the same. Knowing this – and because research strongly shows goals are most often met when they are shared publicly and reviewed on a regular basis – I would encourage you to discuss these (Individual Goal Sheets) with your child. To check progress in the elementary, students just completed mid-year assessments called AIMSweb and Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). These assessments, along with the day-to-day work in the classroom, help us determine each child’s strengths as well as challenges that still exist.

We live in a great community and with no lawn to cut, mosquitoes to slap, or golf balls to strike this winter we can focus on what we love doing best – learning. If you have questions or want to visit, please contact us.

Congratulations to the following qualifying students who will make up our Math Masters teams in grades five and six. These students will practice the next few months before competing vs. several area schools in March and April.  The fifth grade team includes Sequoia Wyckoff, Kenny Soderberg, Madison Solvie, Mason Dougherty and Josh Rohloff. The sixth grade team includes Bradley Rohloff, Ivan Hoffman, Lucy Deane, Sam Burks and Maddie Carrington.

Congratulations to our 2013-2014 Spelling Bee finalists.  

•Eighth grade: Kali Berlinger, Dalton Dierks, Eli Nordquist, Amber Uphoff and Brock Anderson  (Third Place)

•Seventh Grade: Teresa Boyd, Acacia Wycoff, Noah Sheldon, Liz Dietz  (First Place), and Joseph Kleinwolterink

•Sixth Grade: Maddie Carrington, Noah Stewart, Jaden Ross, Carissa Oberg and Kendra Wevley (Second Place)

•Fifth Grade: Luci Bransel, Angel Gallegos, Kenny Soderberg, Sequoia Wyckoff and Crystal Nohl

Congratulations to our 2013-2014 Geography Bee finalists: Sam Burks (Third Place), Maddie Carrington, Lucy Deane, Eli Grove, Evan Hagains, Tristan Hoyer, Makenna Hufford, Kylie Irwin, Christopher Just (First Place), and Morgan Mithun (Second Place)

Cold Weather Dress: Students go outside before school and for noon play when the temperature or wind-chill is minus five degrees below or warmer. Our basic outside rule is that anytime there is snow – students must wear boots. Please encourage your child to dress warmly (hats, mittens, coats, boots) as it is much more fun when students are comfortable.

Continue to check the school web site for pertinent information. In addition to individual teacher sites you can access the school lunch menu, assessment schedules, and published work from our monthly MAES Student Authors [Go to the district web site, then click on Elementary Home].

Lost and Found items will be donated to the Salvation Army on the 15th of each month.  Please check the table (located in the corridor leading to the MAES Cafeteria) often.

MAES utilizes an Instant Alert program (phone, e-mail, text) to send families’ important information.  It is the responsibility of each family to keep phone numbers, e-mail, and mailing addresses current.  We do not want you to miss important communications so please take a moment to update!  You can access the site at:

Thanks to a grant from the Morris Area Arts Boosters, third grade students will be participating in a week-long (Jan. 27-31) artist residency put on by Jim Mondloch. Mondloch is an experienced painter and art teacher with a degree in watercolor and design.  Students will experience working with color, texture, values, designs, and various washes and brushstrokes to create a series of original paintings.

Minnesota Comprehensive

Assessment Testing (MCA) in April and May

April 22: Grade 3 – Reading

April 25: Grade 4 – Reading

April 28: Grade 6 – Reading

April 29: Grade 5 – Reading

May 2: Grade 3 – Math

May 5: Grade 4 – Math

May 6: Grade 5 – Math

May 7: Grade 6 – Math

May 9: Grade 5 – Science

Dates to Remember

Jan. 22: Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Lyceum / Twins’ Caravan / 9:15 a.m. / Concert Hall

Jan. 23: Fourth grade ski trip / Andes Tower Hills

Jan. 24: Second quarter report cards sent home

Jan. 24: Kindergarten through Sixth Grade Lyceum: Bully Buster / 2 p.m. / Concert Hall

Jan. 30: Fifth and Sixth grade band concert / 7 p.m. / Concert Hall

Feb. 3: Kindergarten through Sixth Grade Lyceum: Daughters of Africa / 1 p.m. / Concert Hall  

Feb. 12: Two-hour late start

Feb. 17: No school

Feb. 21: Midterms

Feb. 29: Jump Rope for Heart