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St. Mary's Samplings 011814

A review of happenings and upcoming events at St. Mary’s School in Morris

Kindergarten: We had a full week even with the unexpected late start on Tuesday and the scheduled late start on Thursday. We worked with the letter “f” this week and learned the word “Play.” Our word list is growing.  We celebrated Anne Marie being Wonderful!  The school seemed a little more quiet with our fifth and sixth grade gone to ELC. We missed them.

Grade 1:  Well, we were hard at work even with two 2-hour late starts (one not planned).  We are working on finding groups of ten in numbers larger than 10 up to 100.  In reading we working with the letter digraphs of  ch, tch, wh, and ph.  It was a lot to remember but we are doing well.  We read about making different kinds of masks.  In science we are learning about land and water habitats.  In social studies we learned about the bald eagle, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as important American symbols.

Grade 2:  In math class, we are working with picture graphs.  We have been using them to solve comparison problems.  In reading class, we read a fantasy story called Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type.  We laughed when the cows found an old typewriter and asked Farmer Brown for electric blankets, since they were cold.  When he ignored them, the cows went on strike and did not give any milk.  The hens also asked for blankets and when Farmer Brown ignored them, they went on strike too, and wouldn’t give any eggs.  In the end, the cows and hens and Farmer Brown agreed to trade the typewriter for blankets and everyone was happy.  It was fun to have such a silly story to read!

Grade 3: Despite the late start on Tuesday and the blowing snow we are enjoying being able to go outside most days for our recess times.  We are getting better at our multiplication and division facts and enjoyed making models of the square numbers.  We marked our times sheet with them and saw the pattern they make on the chart.  Our Scholastic News talked about food allergies and how some children with them have become the target of bullies.  In geography we talked about Hawaii and the fact that it is really made up of 132 islands.  We hope Darla is not shocked by the cold when she returns from there this weekend!

Grade 4:  We have been practicing for our Martin Luther King, Jr. choral reading for the radio.  We have  a substitute teacher all this week because our teacher is accompanying Grades five and six to Wolf Ridge Environmental Center.  Our substitute teacher was a former student at St. Mary’s School and his mother teaches kindergarten here.  His name is Kirby Sayles.

Grade 5:  We are at Wolf Ridge Environmental Center for the entire week.  During this trip we will be learning about weather, snowshoeing, animal signs, trees and keys, and many other activities that build up knowledge about our environment and being good stewards.  Confidence building activities will also occur through the high ropes course and the rock climbing wall.

Grade 6:  Our school is wishing us a great experience and they are keeping us in their prayers.

Principal’s Notes:  The weather has caused some disruptions and caused school to become even busier.

Our fifth and sixth graders are in Finland, Minn., at the Wolf Ridge Environmental Center so it does seem a little quieter.  Our school is planning for Catholic School Week and our Dinner Auction on Feb. 15.

Our preschool night is also coming up on Monday, Feb. 3 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.  It is always a fun time with activities just for that age group.