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St. Mary's Samplings 011114

A review of happenings and upcoming events at St. Mary’s School in Morris

Kindergarten:  Brrr what a cold beginning of the week! With no school Monday and late on Tuesday we had a lot of work to do. Our letter this week was “o” as in off and our word was “is.” We celebrated Anne Marie Schneider’s birthday and Nora Young’s Wonderful Week.  

Grade 1:  We finished up unit 4 in math and took our test on 2-digit addition.  In social studies we started a new unit and we are excited to be learning about our country’s symbols and heroes.  In science we are learning about animal habitats.  In reading we worked with words with the long /i/ sound, read two short plays and learned about present-tense verbs.  We are looking forward to some above zero weather so we can go outside and play in the snow.

Grade 2:  We read a story about ancient flutes discovered in China that were over 9,000 years old. The story helps us to see that music dates back to the stone age, when these flutes were used. Amazing! In math we finished our unit on telling time. We can tell time to the nearest minute on an analog clock.  We also learned to figure out elapsed time and to read calendars.

Grade 3: It was good to get back to school after the nice Christmas/New Year break.  We are glad to enjoy some warmer weather now that the “Polar Vortex” has moved back north.  We continued our work with multiplication and division in math and are practicing with decks of cards and our iPad to get better at our facts.  Our Scholastic News talked about the typhoon that did so much damage in the Philippines.  It made us realize that we are lucky that we have only had to deal with some cold temperatures and have not had entire cities wiped out like they have had in their villages. They continue to need our help as well as our prayers.  We did our January Aims/Web reading fluency testing and were happy to see our growth since the beginning of the year. We enjoyed the Geography Bee on Friday morning. We will get to be a part of it next year.

Grade 4: We are working hard after coming back from our Christmas break. It has been an adjustment, but we are getting back into the routine! We are working on adding and subtracting with larger numbers in math class. In reading class we are reading another fun novel out loud. It is called the Wednesday Wars and it is about a boy who thinks his teacher doesn’t like him. In reading we are practicing how to read with expression- its fun.

Grade 5 & 6: We have been working hard and getting back into a routine after our Christmas break. This week in math the fifth graders are learning about polygons and angles and comparing and contrasting polygons. The sixthgraders are adding and subtracting with unlike denominators and mixed numbers. In English we are working with singular and plural nouns and how to make a singular noun plural. Also, this week the sixth graders have been preparing for their trip to Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Finland, Minn., that they will leave for early Monday morning—we are very excited!

Principal’s Notes:  Just when we got acclimated to school again, we were off for a long weekend.

Most everyone had a bit of cabin fever so they’re happy to be back at school.  Days are so busy trying to get academics and extra-curricular in that when the bell rings it’s hard to believe another school day has passed. On Friday Mrs. Spaulding’s third grade class gave a choral reading on Epiphany and on Tuesday we had a short prayer service ending Epiphany by taking down the Nativity set. We ended with one verse of the Servant Song, “What do you want of me, Lord.”