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By Tony Reimers, Community Education Director

If you are expecting or have children between the ages of birth to kindergarten, we have an extraordinary opportunity for you! Research reminds us that the family provides a child’s first and most significant learning environment and not surprisingly a child’s first and most important teachers. For these reasons, multiple Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) classes are offered through Morris Area Community Education. Our ECFE classes work to strengthen families and enhance the ability of all parents to provide the best possible environment for their child’s learning and growth.

In a recent study conducted by the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Community Education Association, 96 percent of parents reported that participating in ECFE classes helped improve their parenting. Equally important, they reported positive changes in all five area of their child’s development:

My child is able to communicate thoughts, needs or feelings in age-appropriate ways.

My child enjoys books and having others read to him/her.

My child’s language skills are age-appropriate.

My child tries to solve problems in a variety of ways.

My child’s social skills are age-appropriate.

When your Winter/Spring 2014 Tiger Tracks brochure arrives in your mailbox on Jan. 4, you will have the opportunity to register for any and all of the following ECFE and PreK classes. Feel free to register in person or online.

Labor Delivery and Beyond

Baby and Toddler Time

Family Literacy: Learning Opportunities Through Stories

Family Fun with the Little Ones

Explore S’more: Winter Wonderland

Explore S’more:  Young Scientist

Explore S’more: Barnyard Bash!

Dad and Me with Parent Discussion

Positive Parenting

Everyday Issues for Families

Drop in and Play!

Family Playtimes!

Morris Area Community Education ECFE is…..

A fun, informal place to meet, learn, and play with other parents and children.

Special events and weekly classes for parents and their children.

A program for ALL families with young children.

A program in which parents, teachers, and children are partners in learning.

It is also a place where you can give your child the best gifts you can give; your time and the building blocks for a successful future. If you would like to know more about our PreK or ECFE program please give me a call at 320-589-4394, stop by, or send me an email at