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St. Mary's Samplings 122113

A review of happenings and upcoming events at St. Mary's School in Morris

Kindergarten:  It has been one busy week. We celebrated Allie Staple’s being wonderful and her birthday was during the week as well.  Our Christmas program was Tuesday evening and the children sang beautifully. I think it sounded like angels from on high.  On Wednesday the whole school treated the residents at West Wind Village to our singing.  Wishing you all a blessed Christmas and the best in 2014.

Grade 1: WOW, what a busy week!  We did a fabulous job at our concert on Tuesday night and then we had the great privilege of sharing it with the residents at West Wind Village on Wednesday. We worked with words with the long /a/ sound in reading and learned about verbs.  We worked really hard to get all our projects done for Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!  May you all also have a blessed New Year!

Grade 2: This week we read two versions of the story, The Three Bears.  The first version was called Abuelo and the Three Bears.  We also read a poem called Goldilocks and Baby Bear.  It was fun to compare these stories with the traditional version that we all know.  We have been sharing our beautiful music this week.  A large audience listened to us sing at our Christmas program.  We also shared our music with the residents of West Wind Village.  We are looking forward to celebrating the birth of our Savior with our families.  Merry Christmas!

Grade 3: The third graders had a busy week trying to finish up Advent activities and Christmas surprises.  In math we started our work with multiplication and division of 5s and 2s.  The kids were excited to discover that multiplication is as easy as repeated addition.  On Tuesday the staff was treated to a wonderful lunch by our school parents and in the evening we had our Christmas program.  Mrs. Hodgson does a wonderful job getting us ready for this each year. Officer Anita visited our classroom on Wednesday and helped us complete our “Winter Survival Kits” for our family.  We had a reconciliation service with Fr. Todd on Friday morning which helped us continue our Advent journey. In the afternoon we enjoyed a movie and a treat.  We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!

Grade 4: The students have been busy learning about how to read and write large numbers. We are learning about standard form and expanded form. We also had our Christmas concert this week. Our kids are so talented! On Thursday we were busy wrapping gifts for the family we adopted for Christmas this year. It was fun to see the students so excited to give instead of receive. We wish you all a very blessed Christmas!

Grade 5 & 6: The students have been busy reading the Sign of the Beaver and finished the book on Wednesday then started the movie on Thursday. In math the fifth graders took a test on Unit 3. On Tuesday we had our Christmas concert which went very well and all the students sang beautifully. On Friday we had reconciliation will Fr. Todd to continue to prepare our hearts for the Advent season. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed 2014!

Principal’s Notes:  Wow!  Have we had a week!  St. Mary’s Christmas program was held this past Tuesday.  Before the program we listened to our students play the piano and after we had a large  turnout for the reception and raffle (which also did very well).  Mrs. Linda Hodgson, our music teacher, is so exceptional.  I am always amazed at what she can do with kids.  We had solos from a kindergartner and first grader, Clare Barnstuble and Jackson Hallman, and they sang like little birds (right on pitch).

We had the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Friday for grades three through six.  Grade two already had reconciliation for the first time this month.  On Wednesday our students sang beautifully at West Wind Village. Merry Christmas!