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St. Mary's Sampligns 112313

Kindergarten: We had a great week.  We worked with the letter I and our new word was go.  And that’s good because we were on the go all week.  We went out to Xavier Kleindl’s house to help him celebrate his “Wonderful Week.”  There we got to meet his grandparents, his great grandma, and his special friends Punk and Judy.  We rode in a tractor and we each made a pillow case---what a fun time.

Grade 1:  This week we worked on addition and subtraction story problems with unknown numbers in math.  In social studies we are learning about the first Thanksgiving.  We are learning about the different animal groups in science (mammal, reptiles, birds, amphibians, fish and insects).  In reading we worked on finding details to support the main idea of the story.  

Grade 2: In math, the second graders are working with numbers beyond one hundred.  We are counting numbers, and we are learning different way to represent the numbers. The second graders can break the numbers apart as hundreds, tens and ones; they can draw a picture to represent the numbers using quick hundreds, tens and ones; they can write an addition equation to represent the number; and they can write the number in word form.  We are enjoying working on our mission project as we make turkey table favors for the Senior Citizens meal to be delivered next week.

Grade 3: This week in math we worked with word problems with extra or hidden information and problems with not enough information.  We had to sort out what we didn’t need and what we did need to know to solve a problem.  Our UMM Practicum student, Ms. Thurk, did some work with us on symmetry, congruence, and angles. We held our annual “Food Shelf” Mass on Wednesday and our class got to deliver the boxes of items that the entire school donated to the local food shelf.  We collected 192 pounds of food and learned the importance of being generous to a vital service in our community.  We watched the “Safety N.E.T. Kids” video that is required for us to learn more about our personal body safety.

Grade 4: This week in reading we are learning about subjects and predicates. We are also reading a story about wild horses on the island of Chincoteague. In math class we finished our unit on geometry. We learned how to find the perimeter and area of regular quadrilaterals and complex figures. In social studies we are reviewing the three different branches of the United States Government.  

Grade 5 and 6: This week the fifth and sixth graders prepared for and took their first science test of the year on cells and kingdoms. In math thefifth graders worked with place value word problems and pictographs with large numbers. The sixth graders worked with the greatest common factor (GCF) and fractions, decimals and mixed numbers. In reading we read a few poems and talked about two different literary elements: alliteration and imagery. In social the fifth and sixth graders have been talking about Hammurabi and Sargon of Akkad.

Principal’s Notes:

This week the third grade class prepared our Thanksgiving Mass.  It was prayerful and the songs led by Mrs. Hodgson were very beautiful, and the third grade readers read so well (even with long readings from Maccabees).  Their stewardship project was donating food and other items for the food shelf for Thanksgiving.  They were displayed on the altar so they are blessed. Next week is Thanksgiving vacation which means there is no school on Thursday and Friday. Happy Thanksgiving to all.