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Kindergarten: Conferences are finished with 100 percent participation. Thanks parents!  We worked with the letter T this week and enjoyed “Tea and Toast”.  We had looked our best and had our best manners on!  Our word we learned this week was see.   

Grade 1:  We read the story “The Little Red Hen” and we worked with words with the short /e/ sound.  We also worked on nouns in the plural form and contraction words.  In math we have started working on subtraction story problems. In science we are starting our unit on animals and in social studies we are learning about the very first Thanksgiving.  We had a presentation on Friday about Native Americans.  It was very interesting.

Grade 2: In social studies, the second graders have been working with map skills.  We used the map key to help us read a landform map of North America.  We were able to find mountain ranges, hills, plains, deserts, and the oceans surrounding North America. We also began a math unit on place value in numbers to 200.  Thank you to all the parents for attending conferences.  It is great to work as a team to better meet your child’s needs in school.

Grade 3:  The third graders enjoyed the books that were available on-line from Scholastic this week for Young Readers Week.  Conferences were held and 100 percent of our parents attended to talk about our progress thus far.  In math we continue working with money amounts and rounding them to the nearest dime or dollar.   We also completed tables by doing addition and subtraction problems with money. Our Scholastic News talked about the statue that is being made of Crazy Horse in South Dakota.  The statue of the Lakota leader was started in 1948 and only the face is completed thus far.  It was an interesting article to read during Native American Heritage month.  

Grade 4: This week we learned that a 17 year old GIRL named Jackie Mitchell had a chance to pitch against Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in 1931 and she struck them both out. We were upset to find out that the MLB commissioner at the time decided to ban her from baseball after that. In math class we are learning about geometric shapes and how to classify them. We are still getting letters from our Flat Stanleys! The most recent was from Arizona.

Grade 5 and 6: This week in reading we read an informational nonfiction story titled “Interrupted Journey: Saving Endangered Sea Turtle” which was very interesting and we learned what volunteers and vets do to save sea turtles. In math the sixth graders took a test and started learning about divisibility and factor and prime factorization. The fifth graders have continued to work with place values and focused on adding and subtracting whole and decimal number this week. In science we are learning about animal systems such as the skeletal, muscular and digestive systems to name a few.  

Upcoming Events

We had a wonderful Veteran’s Day Prayer Service on Monday prepared by Grade 1.

A candle was lit for the wars fought by U.S. soldiers as a prayer was said for each war.

Next week will be our Thanksgiving Day Mass.  Our hallway is teaming with items for the food shelf.  It is what we are about as a people- giving to others in need.

Grade 3 and Mrs. Spaulding are preparing our Thanksgiving Mass.