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Notes from the City of Morris Tree Board

On Nov. 9, the City Tree Board invites the interested public to come and plant trees in Green River Park and East Side Park.

As some of you may remember, the City of Morris received a grant from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in the spring of 2012. The grant was to begin to plant a diversity of trees in the City parks in preparation for the sooner or later arrival of emerald ash borer which would decimate our park shade. I.E. the ashes would die but instead of sunblock demanding parks the planted trees would have a jump on the necessary reforestation. For two seasons now the City has selectively begun to cull problematic ash and this June's wind did some drastic pruning and uprooting also.

Ninety-two trees spread among eight varieties were placed in the gravel bed at the West Central Research and Outreach Center in May and monitored by Steve Poppe and his crew along with Paige Scarborough, Minnesota Greenleaf Urban Forester. Most of them look strong and Nov. 9 is the day to plant them. Groups of three are encouraged. If we can find eight or nine groups they all will get planted in short order.

The holes will be pre-dug, the bare root trees will await you, it'll be a beautiful day much to the deer hunter's dismay, and we'll eat around 1 p.m., hug a tree and go home. Come enjoy a nice November Saturday out of doors without need to wear blaze orange.

More particulars next week - stay tuned.