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Kindergarten: We came back to school rested and ready to work after having fall break.  This week we worked with the letter S and learned the word like.  Our first week of swimming lessons is done and one more to go—we are enjoying them but are sure tired and hungry when we get done.  

Grade 1:  We are busy and enjoying swimming lessons this week.  We are working on subtraction in math.  In reading we are learning about the importance of teamwork.  In science we are learning about the life cycle of plants.  We started a science project his week when we put some soybean seeds in a wet paper towel and some in a dry paper towel and we will find out which ones will grow better.  This also helps us understand the parts of a seed.  In social studies we are learning to locate places on a map, including Morris, Minn. where we live.

Grade 2: We have just finished our social studies unit on government.  We learned that we have national, state and local governments.  We also learned about the three branches of government for each level.  In math, we are learning to solve many types of story problems and to create Venn diagrams.  Our swimming lessons have been lots of fun this week.

Grade 3:  The third graders continued their work with word problems in addition and subtraction.  They can sometimes be tricky when they have misleading language and do not include the key words more or less.  Our Scholastic News discussed the destruction Hurricane Sandy caused.  In science we are working with our UMM practicum student, Ms. Thurk.  We are enjoying our swimming lessons at the RFC.  Our class led the Friday prayer service and we chose “peace" as our theme.  We invite you to come and enjoy a pancake breakfast on Sunday morning at Assumption Church.

Grade 4: The fourth graders have been reviewing how to solve multi-step word problems. We have decided that reading the problems at least two times helps us to figure out where to start. In reading class we are learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The story we are reading is called “My Brother Martin.” It is written by his sister and she writes about her memories of him as a child. Even as a young boy he told his father “I will turn this world upside down” after they were confronted by someone who tried to discriminate against them. The kids are very interested in this story.

Grade 5 and 6: The fifth and sixth graders have been working hard. In math the fifth graders continued to work on perimeter and area and also completed a unit on customary units of length. The sixth grades have been working with adding and subtracting decimals and scientific notation. In science we are learning about plants and all their parts. On Thursday we enjoyed having the Science Museum come to our school and talk to us about energy.  

Upcoming Events

Nov. 1 - Grades 5-6 will be preparing the Mass for All Saint’s  Day.  They say the readings and are the song leaders for the Mass.

Nov. 14 - Parade of Lights. St. Mary’s will be displaying The Playhouse and tickets are ready for purchase. Being sold at St. Mary’s School office and Assumption parish office, Thrifty White Drug, the Old No.1, and Unger’s Furniture.