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Kindergarten: Even though our week was short it was jam packed.  On Monday we went on our all-school fall trip. It was a fantastic time and the rains held off for the most part.  We brought 40 parents along as well.  Thanks parents for your participation, we appreciate you!  We did do some work on Tuesday and Wednesday and will be well rested come Monday.

Grade 1:  We had a wonderful time on Monday at our all-school field trip.  The Forest City Stockade and Nelson Farm had a lot of good information and fun things for us to do.  We really liked holding the baby chicks. In math this week we are working with pennies and nickels as well as addition equations. In reading we reviewed the short /a/ and short /i/ sounds.  We are looking forward to a four-day break!

Grade 2: Monday was a great time for everyone.  We learned many new things at the Stockade and enjoyed our time at the farm even though it was raining.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we spent time with our grammar lessons learning to use commas and quotation marks.  We also learned to combine two sentences with like subjects or predicates to make one sentence.  In science, we talked about animal traits and how they are helpful.  We are looking forward to swimming lessons next week.

Grade 3: The third graders had a short but busy week.  On Monday we all enjoyed our all school trip to the Forest City Stockade and the Nelson Farm both near Litchfield.  The stockade was very interesting and we learned a lot about the pioneers who settled there and sought safety behind its walls in 1862. The rain did not stop us from enjoying the animals and activities at Nelson Farm. Before we left we got a wagon ride and got to pick a pumpkin to bring home. We thank all the parents who traveled along with us and enjoyed the day as well. On Wednesday morning we traveled to Chokio to visit and swim with our pen pals from C-A and Hancock. We thank Mrs. Kill for arranging the activity and Pilar Eble and Holly Giese for driving us. We managed to complete a spelling lesson and in math we worked with addition and subtraction situations and word problems with unknown partners.  We were able to use our math mountains to figure them out.  Wednesday afternoon we all took part in a Living Rosary.  We are looking forward to our swimming lessons at the RFC which will begin Oct. 21.

Grade 4: We have had a short but busy week. The kids had a fabulous time on Monday visiting the Nelson Farm and the Forest City Stockade. They loved the baby chicks, learning about turkeys and swinging in the hay loft. We thank all of our parent volunteers who make trips like this possible. We also have been working on writing number equations in math. We think it is pretty cool that we are learning about algebra in  fourth grade!

Grade 5 and 6: We had a short week this week but we were busy. On Monday we all enjoyed our all school field trip at the Nelson Farm and the Forest City Stockade near Litchfield. We learned a lot and enjoyed visiting both places…even if it was a little cold and rainy! On Tuesday the sixth graders started chapter 3, decimals and the fifth graders also started a new chapter on permieter and area. On Wednesday the fifth and sixth graders lead the school in the Living Rosary at 2:15 p.m. in the church.

Upcoming Events

Oct. 21–Swimming lessons for two weeks.  

Oct. 25–Principal’s Pride Award is due; influenza shots at 11 a.m.

Oct. 27–Grades 5 and 6 will be in charge of the pancake breakfast.  All proceeds go towards the Environmental Learning Center in Finland.

Oct. 28–St. Mary’s School will have a booth at the Resource Expo in the H.S. gym.