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Kindergarten: It was A week this week and what an awesome week we had.  We also toured the fire station—that was cool!  We celebrated our first wonderful week; it belonged to Jacob Feist. We got to tour his mom’s work—Big Stone Therapy. Our grandparents and special friends ended our week with us as we put on a program for them on Friday.

Grade 1:  We learned about fire safety this week.  We were so lucky to have the Morris Fire Department come and teach us about being safe and we got to see the inside of a fire truck.  The firemen even had lunch with us.  In math this week we worked on writing and solving simple addition equations.  In science we learned about the parts of a seed.  In reading we worked with words with consonant blends at the beginning (clip, slip, flip, plan, black, flag, etc).  We read a story about a pet dinosaur who went to school.  We were very proud to have our grandparents and special friends here on Friday!

Grade 2: The second graders have been studying animal life cycles.  We created a picture display of the life cycle of a frog.  We also read about life cycles of a butterfly, a rooster and a panda bear.  We have had a busy week with the Morris fire fighters here teaching us about fire safety and our grandparents celebration on Friday.  We thank the Morris fire fighters for their generous bag of goodies and for visiting our school.

Grade 3:  The third graders completed their NWEA testing this week and will take the reading portion of the test on Tuesday morning.  We enjoyed having the Morris firemen come in to the school to present a program and conduct a fire drill.  We all exited the building in less than one minute, so practice makes things go smoothly. We continued our work with parallel and perpendicular lines and opposite and adjacent lines in quadrilaterals.  We were very excited to spend time with our grandparents and special friends on Friday.  Having them come for Mass and lunch is wonderful and Mrs. Hodgson helped us present a program in their honor.   We appreciate the hard work she puts into these programs.   We are looking forward to our all-school trip on Monday, Oct. 14.

Grade 4: The fourth graders were busy this last week getting ready for our grandparents and special friends to visit us. We are glad we worked hard practicing singing and making them special gifts as we had a great time with them. We also enjoyed the visit from the men on the Morris Fire Department. We finally finished our Flat Stanley’s and can’t wait to see where they end up! We will keep you posted on all the places that we visit.

Grade 5 and 6: This was a busy week for fifth and sixth graders. This week we have finished NWEA testing on Tuesday morning. On Tuesday we enjoyed having lunch with the firemen and giving them a special thanks for all they do for our community. In math this week the fifth graders took their first test and the sixth graders continued to work with inverse operations and also prepared for a test on Friday. We ended the busy week by having our grandparents and special friends come for our music program.

Upcoming Events:

Oct. 14: Annual Fall Field Trip to Litchfield to visit Minnesota Stocade and Nelson Farms

Oct. 17 and 18: No school–Minnesota Education