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St. Mary's Samplings 092813

Kindergarten: Everyday gets a little better and we like school a lot!  We talked about the seasons and each of us brought in a “sign of fall.” It needed to be something other than leaves; we had corn, beans, combines (toy ones), footballs, Boxelder bugs and apples, to name a few!  We are enjoying the fall weather.

Grade 1:  We are doing great in first grade!  We finished our first unit in math this week and took our test.  We have been learning about plants and the parts of the plants that we eat in science.  The first graders found it very interesting that we are eating the roots of the plants when we eat carrots and potatoes.  In reading we worked with words with the short /a/ sound again as well as the order of event in a story.  We are working on sentences in grammar.  In social studies we worked with some map skills and the importance of voting.

Grade 2: In science class, we finished a unit on plant life.  We learned to describe the life cycle of a plant including the seed, a seedling, an adult plant, and a bloom that creates a seed.  We also learned that plants have traits that make them similar to the adult plant.  In reading this week, we read about farming long ago and today.  Grandma Mary listened to us reread our story.

Grade 3: This week in geography we worked with cardinal and intermediate directions on a compass rose.  In math we worked with ungrouping to subtract across zeros.  We had fun practicing this skill with very large numbers.  In spelling our words all were ones we added “s” or “es”  to and our DOL lesson reviewed the skill as well.  We completed reading Baby Island and took the AR test on it.  We enjoyed this book and were sad to see it come to an end. St. Mary’s teachers are looking forward to attending Ministry Day in St. Cloud on Monday, Sept. 30.

Grade 4: The fourth graders have been busy working on learning about story elements in reading class. We have been story mapping picture books to help us understand characters, setting, plot, and resolution. In math class we are continuing to work on reviewing our basic math facts and have also learned about square numbers. In religion class we are talking about God’s plan for us and how we can follow it.

Grade 5 and 6: The 6th graders started their second chapter in math, Introduction to Algebra and have been working with expressions that have variables and translating word problems into algebraic expressions. The 5th graders are continuing to work hard with word problems and have also been working on solving equations with parentheses. In science we are continuing to learn about classifying and have been talking about vertebrate and invertebrate animals and vascular and nonvascular plants. On Thursday we enjoyed being outside while we attended Conservation Day at SWELL.

Upcoming Events

• The Marathon for Nonpublic Education will be held on Sunday, Oct. 6, at Pomme de Terre Park.  This year the students will walk/run with added excitement and look quite colorful as they get splashed with colored powder called a Color Run.

• St. Mary’s Preschool Night is scheduled for Oct. 7 from 6:30-7:30 p.m.  at St. Mary’s School. It is an hour of fun activities for the child and parents can learn more about our school.

• Our students and staff are looking forward to a very important day at our school, Grandparent’s Day.  This exciting day is Friday, Oct.11, beginning  with Mass at 10:45 a.m.

• MAP/NWEA testing will be from Oct. 1-11.

• We have a new bishop, Bishop Donald Kettler from Fairbanks, Alaska.  The dioceses of Alaska are progressive and on fire.  We are in for a treat!