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Kindergarten: We had a great week this week. We learned to recognize and read three new words: I, can, am.  We also can write our numbers up to 14 (because that is how many days we have been in school).  Our tadpole arrived in the mail and we are very excited about it---you know it will grow up to be a frog and our theme this year is “Frogs!”  We are very excited about Homecoming!  Go Tigers!

Grade 1:  We are hard at work this week. We read our first story in our reading book and worked on words with the short /a/ sound.  We also had our first list of spelling words and took our very first spelling test this week.  In math we continue to work with the numbers 1-10 and the number partners that make up the numbers 1-10 (simple addition).  In social studies we are talking about rules and laws and why they are important in our school and our community.  In science we are exploring the parts of a plant and we did an experiment with celery and colored water to see how water travels up the stem of a plant to the leaves.

Grade 2: We have been working with the count on strategy and making a 10 strategy in math class.  We are also working on learning the addition basic facts.  In science we are learning about plants.  We can label the parts of a plant, and we can describe the life cycle of a plant.  We have had fun playing math games on the computer and on the I-Pad this week.

Grade 3:  The third graders are busy continuing to practice their addition and subtraction skills.  We discussed the U.S. Constitution on Sept. 17  which was Constitution Day.  We welcomed two UMM students, Miss Davis and Miss Thurk, to our classroom and will enjoy working with them this fall.  We took our individual and class pictures on Thursday and Friday enjoyed the MAHS Homecoming Parade.  

Grade 4: It has been another busy week for the fourth graders. We are continuing to work on our basic facts in math class and are starting to work with word problems. In reading class we have read two stories that are in the genre of fiction. In English class we are learning about the different sentence types. In social studies we are learning about all of the different land forms that can be seen in the United States.

Grade 5 and 6: We are keeping busy in fifth and sixth grade this week. In math fifth grade is working with word problems and multiplication and sixth grade is reviewing for their first test already. In science we are learning about cells and classifying organisms. In reading we are learning to fill out a story map with our story “The Summer of the Swans.” The carnival last weekend went well and we would like to thank everyone that came out and helped with its success!

Upcoming Events

Our first Preschool Night is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 7, from 6:30-7:30. Preschool children from all faiths are encouraged to attend.  It is a fun and informative experience.

Our grandparents join us on Friday, Oct. 11, for a day with their grandchildren at school.

Annual All School Field Trip on Monday, Oct. 14.