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Gartland elected chair of district #2769 school board

MORRIS – The school board for the newly-consolidated Morris Area School District #2769 met for the first time Monday to elect board officers, set committee assignments and settle routine business before the two districts officially merge on July 1.

For the most part, the makeup and assignments of the new board will look largely similar to the existing Morris Area School Board.

As one of the first orders of business, the new board elected officers for the remainder of the year. Kurt Gartland was elected chair, Robyn Van Eps was elected vice-chair and Dick Metzger was elected clerk/treasurer.

The board also had a long discussion about the various school board committees and outside committees that board members serve on. Committee assignments remained mostly the same, simply adding members of the former Cyrus School Board to existing assignments:

  • Facilities Committee: Brent Fuhrman, Norm Nissen and Stan Wulf
  • Finance Committee: Kurt Gartland, Dick Metzger, Norm Nissen, and Jamie Solvie
  • Meet and Confer Committee: Laura Carrington, Brent Fuhrman and Christy Hubbard
  • Licensed Staff Negotiations Committee: Kurt Gartland, Norm Nissen and Stan Wulf
  • Non-Licensed Staff Negotiations Committee: Christy Hubbard, Lory Lemke and Jamie Solvie
  • Strategic Planning Committee: Lory Lemke, Robyn Van Eps and Stan Wulf
  • Stevens County Family Services Collaborative: Brent Fuhrman
  • Regional Fitness Center: Lory Lemke
  • Midwest Special Education Cooperative: Dick Metzger
  • Community Education: Brent Fuhrman as a voting member with Christy Hubbard sitting in
  • Wellness: Laura Carrington and Robin Anderson
  • District Advisory Committee: Brent Fuhrman and Robyn Van Eps
  • MSHSL/Athletics/Activities/Big Cat Stadium Joint Use Committee: Jamie Solvie
  • High School Handbook Committee: Dick Metzger

The board will revisit the election of officers and committee assignments at their next reorganization meeting in January 2014.

During Monday's meeting, the board also set states for the 2013 – 2014 school board meetings and approved compensation of $1,200 per member.

Over time, the 13-member board will be reduced back to seven members. According to the reduction plan approved by the Minnesota Secretary of State, the board will be reduced to nine members after the 2014 election and seven members after the 2016 election.  

Morris Area School District #2769 School Board

  • Chair: Kurt Gartland
  • Vice Chair: Robyn Van Eps
  • Clerk/Treasurer: Dick Metzger 
  • Members: Robin Anderson, Laura Carrington, Brent Fuhrman, Christy Hubbard, Lory Lemke, Norman Nissen, Jeff Pring, John Smith, James Solvie, Stan Wulf