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Preparing empty pesticide containers for recycling

Empty plastic pesticide containers offered for recycling must be prepared properly to assure the recycling vendor that all containers collected are clean. The containers must be triple or pressured rinsed and free of any residue in order to be recycled.

Only pesticide containers up to 55-gallon containers that are made of #2 HDPE (symbol found on the bottom of the container) are recyclable and will be collected. Containers used for crop oils, foamers or adjuvants will also be accepted if they are a #2 plastic and are triple or pressure rinsed. No plastic motor oil containers.

The following guidelines must be followed for a plastic container to be ACCEPTABLE:

• All containers must be clean, dry and free of any chemical residue

• Containers must be #2 HDPE plastic

• Caps must be removed

• Labels removed best you can

Containers are inspected on site. Any visible pesticide residue on the outside or inside of the container will cause the container to be rejected for recycling.

Rinse containers as soon as they are emptied. Chemical product that is allowed to dry in a container is very difficult to remove by rinsing. It is much more effective to rinse the containers at the time of emptying.

The program is open to farmers, commercial applicators and others to participate. There is no fee charged or advance registration needed to participate in the program.

The empty plastic pesticide container collection will be held Thursday, August 6, from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. at the Stevens County Highway Garage on Highway 9 North of Morris. The program is sponsored by the Stevens County Local Water Plan and the Stevens County Chemical Dealers. For more information about the empty pesticide container collection, contact the Stevens County Environmental Services at 589-7420.