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Hancock sixth grade observed Egypt Day

The sixth grade class on Egypt Day included in front (L-R) Levi Schmidgall, Chase Cunningham, Tory Schmidgall, Pearl Schmidgall, Haley mattson, Kyerra Carter, Amber Hausmann, Annie Marczak, Avery Nelson and Nick Thibodeaux. Back row - Harrison Zeltwanger, Montana Molden, Connor Reese, Cole Reese, Peyton Rohloff, Ty Feuchtenberger, Tanner Pahl, bennett Nienhaus, Matt Steege, Taylor Wilson and Nadine Miller.

The Hancock sixth grade class completed a study on Egypt by holding an Egypt Day in their classroom. Due to the new construction, their room had to be packed up and empty on the last day of school so the class got permission to paint on the floor and walls. This made Egypt Day very special this year.

The class presented several things about Egypt including artifacts, clothing, buildings, and food.