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The students have helped prepare for remodeling

By Ian Schmidgall

Hancock English class

For the staff and students of Hancock High School, a new addition is currently being built.  Construction will go into the summer of 2013. The new addition will benefit the school for years. The last week of school proved the hardest for the students, trying to pack up and move the classrooms to the little gym before Friday, May 24.

The students were a big help in the operation of moving. The staff of Hancock High School must be grateful that the students helped move. Anyone who has visited the school near the last week,  might have even noticed the students walking through the halls carrying boxes, school supplies and even disassembling parts of classrooms.

“The sophomore class has been especially great during this process,” said Ms. Schmidt.  “They have helped every teacher move classroom items and have been instrumental in the removal of window coverings and ceiling tiles in the 1920s building.”

The construction process will continue throughout the entire summer to finish the new addition for the staff and students so they can have a better learning environment this fall. Not only are the staff and students getting a new computer lab, but Mrs. Dougherty will be getting a whole lab for her classes too.

Getting a separate computer lab for the students who will be taking a computer class will help all the teachers because her class spends so much time in the computer lab. Whoever needs the computer lab will now have more access to the extra lab. The school is also getting an elevator and new bathrooms.  These are some big improvements for Hancock High School.