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The administration’s take on the new construction

Shingling work is being done on the gym roof and shop at the school.

by Jamie Mix

and Dylan Swensrud

Hancock English class

Since construction on the new school addition, we were wondering how some of the school administration and faculty felt about this project.

We interviewed Mr. Pahl and Mrs. Stevenson about their thoughts on the new school addition.  Mr. Pahl was asked if he wanted the new school addition.  “Yes, absolutely!” was his enthusiastic response.  “Due to the space issues, we have had to move both our fifth and sixth grade classes to the lower level of the high school.”

Mr. Pahl added that not only will the new addition and repurpose of the old high school help alleviate crowding, it will allow students to learn in a better environment.  The new addition will include a new computer lab for classes to use. The new classrooms will be larger and classrooms in the repurposed high school will be enlarged. The windows will also allow more light to shine in.

 “In addition to the benefits to the students, Mr. Pahl thinks it indicates that Hancock is a very supportive community, and that residents that live in the district, value their children. “I also believe the need for the new addition indicates that Hancock is a strong community.

“Better opportunities and environments will be provided with the new addition and repurpose to students,” Mr. Pahl stated. He also thinks the addition will draw new families and students into the district.

Mr. Pahl worried the timeline might not be met. “With the tough winter and spring that we have had, the start date on the entire project has been pushed back.  The new addition and repurpose of the high school have to be done prior to the start of school this fall. We have nowhere else to go. The anticipated significant completion date is Aug. 16 with some smaller items being completed after this date. If we can get Mother Nature to cooperate, I believe we can meet this deadline”

We also wondered what one of the seasoned staff members thought of the addition. Mrs. Stevenson said that she was glad to see the new addition and remodel because “Our class sizes are large and it is particularly difficult to fit 30 students in my art classroom.”

She also said the original pane windows from 1920s are still in the high school rooms.  “It will be really nice to have new windows.”

She’s also excited for more space because the counters are too high in her current room for her elementary students. “They can’t reach the sinks,” says Mrs. Stevenson.

Ironically this is the second time Mrs. Stevenson has occupied the room she’s in. Previous to Mrs. Stevenson having the art room where it is, the room has served many roles; some of those include being the health room, the Home Economics room, and it was a library when Mrs. Stevenson started teaching at Hancock School in 1980.   

Mrs. Stevenson says the most difficult thing for her is going to be packing the art room up to store over the summer.

We hope the construction goes well this summer and that the school construction gets done on time. We both are hopeful that the addition and all the other stuff they’re doing to the school is going to be done in time.