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School construction from a teachers perspective

By Shelbi Koeltzow

Hancock English class

As many of you readers may know, the Hancock School has been, and will remain, under construction over the summer. The new plan for the school includes enlarging classrooms, adding an elevator, getting more computers, and refurnishing everything.

The computer lab will be twice as big with many more computers.

There has been some debate on whether or not the renovation is needed. Some people think that it is not necessary, but according to the students and staff here at the school, it is long overdue.

In order to give you an idea of how needed this renovation really is, I interviewed some students and staff from the school. When I asked the English teacher, Ms. Schmidt, what she thought on the matter, she said, “We have run out of classrooms. With growing elementary classes,  the fifth and sixth grade classes have moved to the high school.”

The students I asked also agreed with Ms. Schmidt. They all agreed that the worst part of the current school setup is that there are no bathrooms or water fountains upstairs, the hallways are always so congested between classes, and there are no elevators for injured or disabled students.

When I asked what they would miss the most, almost everyone said that they would not miss anything. Except Ms. Schmidt, who said she would miss the aesthetics of some of the old school building.  “But,” she added “we are much in need of updates and modifications to our school facilities.”

All in all, I agree with most people and think that the renovation is needed very badly and I hope it all goes very smoothly.