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Kindergarten and second grade circus

Hancock kindergarten and second graders presented a circus last week for a large crowd. The kindergarten class played the parts of circus acts and the second graders were their trainers. The following is a list of the acts and trainers:

Circus pups: Chase Evink, Trent Messner and Raven Schmidgall Trainers: Blake Koehl and Emma Krusemark

Dancing bears: Megan Emmert, Kaylee Wink and Brooke VerSteeg  Trainers: Ellie Krusemark and Davin Rose

Lions: Seth Feuchtenberger, Carter Hanson and Austin Swenson

Trainers: Gabbi Joos and Logan Metzger

Tightrope Walkers: Lexi Joos, Alexis Wilson and Kaitlyn Rohloff Coaches: DeLaynie Naig and Tyler Mogler

Seals: Presten Banister, Bradley Klucas and Troy Messner.

Trainers: Brandi Messner and Cody Moon

Elephants: Levi Kellenberger, Nathan Kolden and Riley Miller Trainers: Paxton Rohloff and Clark Koehl

Chimpanzees: Brady Cronen, Ethan Emmert and Tyler Hensing.

Trainers: Jared Koel and Charles Koehl

Dancicn ponies: Mattia Nelson, Karleigh Rohloff and Gracie Nohl Trainers: Dain Schroeder and Carissa Timmerman

Clowns: Sean Wilson, Weston Nohl, Jackson Koehl and Eric VanEps-Nelson

Ring Master: Remington Schaefer