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The Canopy - Morris Area Tree Board

Morris Tree Board celebrates the glory of trees.

The Morris Tree Board is proud to announce that spring should arrive any week and invites you to step into the shade of "The Canopy," the new irregular column of theMorris Sun Tribune. "The Canopy" will be an encouraging, invigorating, and informative pep talk on all matters "tree." We will try to cover the technical, scientific and personal issues of tree choice, planting, maintenance  and the shadiness of the "arboreal perennial" (as scientifically classified in the vegetable kingdom). We will try to be readable, entertaining, informative, and never drone on in sharing our commitment to and passion for... trees.

As we all know Morris has an unpredictable wide-ranging climate not historically conducive to trees. From trunk-girdling rabbits and mice, through the thirstiness of drought, to straight line winds or a swirling twister our tree's life is precariously filled with danger.

The early natives, explorers and settlers had no shade and too much wind. Huge wildfires, often deliberately set, swept back and forth providing fresh growth grasses for the large herds of mammals, annihilating all "arboreal perennials" (trees).

Even after people began to plant and steward trees unknown foreign invaders arrived to kill years of growth, i.e. chestnut fungus, Dutch Elm disease, emerald ash borer, coconut palm yellowing. Each has killed millions of trees and continues to do so to this day.

They need our help, we need their shade and who would have ever thought a whirling string trimmer could cause so much damage. Stay on the lookout for the next, soon to be enjoyed "Canopy."

Questions, comments or corrections can be sent to the Tree Board through City Hall 320-589-3141.