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Bid approved for major portion of Hancock school construction project

Two bids were received for the major portion of the school construction project this year. The bids were for approximately 17,700 square feet of new classroom additions and remodeling in select areas of the existing building. This was for six new classrooms with an elevator and renovations and reconfiguration of current space in the existing high school building.

Along with the base bid, contractors could bid on four alternates to the project. The first alternate was to go with a Smart Struxure Electric system in the building instead of the current Climatemakers system. This would be a deduction in the bid.

Alternate two was to remove the abandoned hot water storage tank from the basement. Alternate three was to remove and replace the science room countertops and sinks. Alternate four was to furnish and install all painting.

Both bidders were out of the Minneapolis area with the first bidder Rochon and the second, Black/Dew.

The Rochon base bid was for $3,419,000. The alternates were bid as follows:

Alternate one - minus $10,000; alternate two - additional $3,750; alternate three - additional $18,000 and alternate four additional $66,000.

The base bid from Black/Dew was for $3,297,000. The alternates weres bid at number one deduction of $5,000, number two addition of $3,200; number three addition of $13,000 and number four addition of $66,000.

Randy Falkner of ICS Consulting and Rod Schumacher of I&S Group along with Suptintendent Jerry Martinsen, opened the bids. Faulkner stated that the bids were very close to the ICS estimates for the project.

A special board meeting was held on Tuesday, April 2 to accept the low bid from Black/Dew. The board also approved putting the asbestos removal portion of the project on a health and safety levy.