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New community landing page for Morris launched

MORRIS -- The Morris community landing page is now available online and will allow for easier navigation and easier access to community information.

The community landing page is the common front page for four community organizations: the Morris Area Chamber of Commerce (, Morris Tourism (, City of Morris ( and Stevens County Economic Improvement Commission ( The community landing page gives searchers more information paths to find what they are looking for, thus enabling more information about the community to be found more readily.

The community landing page is what viewers will see every time the viewer logs into any of the four organizations without bookmarking the original homepage of the four websites. Bookmarking the page following the community landing page works if a bookmark is placed while one of the four homepages is being viewed after the community landing page. This common page will also allow users to find countywide information through the SCEIC website.

Information on the community landing page will be updated on an ongoing basis. Major community events will be posted on the Morris Area Community Calendar on the community portal page. Friday Facts will continue to provide a more comprehensive calendar for organizations and groups.

To view the community landing page, search for “Morris, MN” on Google and follow any of the links to the city of Morris, SCEIC, Morris Tourism or Morris Chamber of Commerce.

For more information about the community portal page, contact Michael Haynes at sceic@hometownsolutions, Rhoda Smith at, or Carolyn Peterson at