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Rendsville 4-H received top honors in Stevens County 4-H 'Share the Fun'

The Stevens County 4-H held the annual Share the Fun competition on Friday, March 23, 2013.  Share the Fun is an evening of fun and entertainment starring 73 area 4-Hers.  This year, six of the Stevens County 4-H Clubs shared their original skits under the theme “Happily Ever After”.  Members participate by creating a skit and props; they then perform their skit for an evening of fun.  Through the Share the Fun experience members experience performing with a group and are given exposure to the arts. 

Rendsville 4-H Club received top honors with their skit “4-H Memories”.  Second place went to the Swan Lake 4-H Club with “It’s a Wonderful Fair”.  Both the clubs received an opportunity to perform their skits at the Minnesota State Fair in August.

The B.E.E.S 4-H Club received the Creative Cat Award for their skit, “A Messed Up Fairytale”.  Hodges 4-H Club performed “Happily Ever After”, and received the Snickers Award.  The Great Imagination Award went to the Scott 4-H Club for their skit, “4-H Far Away Land”.  Horton 4-H Club performed “Once Upon a Project” and received the 4-H Spirit Award. 

Individual Awards for the evening included Colten Scheldorf, of the B.E.E.S 4-H Club receiving the best costume award.  Best Actress was awarded to Katie Cannon, Jena DeRung and Caitlin Wilts, of the Swan Lake 4-H Club.  Evan Nelson, of the Hodges 4-H Club received the Best Actor Award. 

Colten Sheldorf of the B.E.E.S 4-H Club received the 'best costume' award during the annual Share the Fun event on March 23.

The evening was hosted by the Stevens County 4-H Ambassadors; this group planned the event and provided entertainment in between the club skits.  The 4-H Ambassadors involved were Amy Berlinger, Chelsey Ehleringer, Anna Langerud, Katie Ohren, Jena DeRung, Andrew Scheldorf and Caitlin Wilts.    A huge thank you to this group for all of their hard work! 

If you are interested in learning more about Share the Fun or the Stevens County 4-H Program, contact the Stevens County Extension Office at 208-6572.