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Hancock students will not make up three snow days

Hancock public school students will not be making up three of the most recent snow days, but the teachers will. The Hancock school board held a lengthly discussion at their meeting Tuesday night (postponed one day due to another blizzard) and decided not to make up the days. However, since the teachers are under contract to the district, they will be asked to make up the time by coming in early, staying later or after the end of the school year, record their time and turn it in to administration.

There was some question as to state regulations regarding the make-up time. Supt. Jerry Martinson told the board that the state has a set number of hours that students must attend classes during the year and Hancock students have already met that number. He added that this is an approach used before only in extreme cases.

However, since teachers have a contract for a different number of hours with the district, they will be required to make up the time.

The board members did have some concern about the impact of so many missed days and hours on the student’s education. They discussed possibly extending the school day, the school year or even going for part of a day on Saturday. These were all dismissed due to after-school extra-curriculars, weekend family time and the school year has already been extended by several days.

One concern was how this would affect the state mandated testing set to start on April 15 for some classes. The board questioned whether the students would be ready for these tests because of so many missed hours of class time. Even by adding the extra hours back in, this class time cannot be captured before the tests are set to begin.

Therefore, the board and administration will ask teachers to concentrate the education on the testing subjects over the next few weeks in order to make sure the students are prepared. After the testing, the regular schedule of courses can resume.