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Hancock first graders observe 100th day of school

The Hancock first graders are 100 days smarter. The class recently observed the 100th day of school with some fun activities. The students also had 100 hats to wear and 100 dollar bills. They formed the number 100 for a picture.

The first graders also answered the question  “What our Moms and Dads tell us 100 times!” Here are their responses:

Clean your room. (Natasha Schlief)

Be good. (Mallory Joos)

Be quiet. (Preston Sievert)

Be good. (Kendra Koehl)

Clean your closet. (Rylie Mattson)

Play with your bunny.  (Zamirah Shymanski)

Play with your kitty cat. (Abram Luthi)

Empty out the dishwasher. (Titus Bjerketvedt)

Walk the dogs. (Hudson VerSteeg)

Unload the dishwasher. (Ely Rinkenberger)

Clean up your toys. (Ralphy Algarate)

Come and eat. (Krista Duncan)

Go play. (Rylan Meierding)

Go to bed.  (Andrew Pieske)

Go back to bed. (Kallista Banister)

Do your chores. (Marlene Chavira)

Go to bed. (Austin Goldenstien)

Do your chores. (Aidan Hacker)

Go to your room.  (Brayden Kisgen)

Stop it! (Henry Lemke)

Buckle up!  (Blake Lenz)

Pick up your toys. (Noah Luthi)

Clean your bedroom. (Isabel Rose)

Clean your room. (Issac Nelson)

Clean the basement. (Eva Schaefer)

Brush your teeth. (Gage Schmidgall)

Wash the dog. (Kaitlyn Staples)

Go to bed. (Sydney Zeltwanger)

Play with the dog. (Misti Zemple)