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Sun Tribune website to relaunch with a new, cutting-edge appearance

MORRIS - Early next week, the Morris Sun Tribune will relaunch its relaunched its website with a new, cutting-edge design which focuses on the needs of the site's consumers and advertisers.

Users of the site will notice a fresher, more open look that will allow for, among other things, larger photos, related story links and more efficient site navigation. Ultimately, though, the new design is based on how consumers use the site and how advertisers want to capitalize on the site's popularity.

Armed with versatile smart phones, iPads and other portable, digital devices, readers are consuming information differently than newspapers audiences of the past.

Today's readers are more mobile and they want immediate access to the information they desire on the device of their choice.

The new design on focuses on that demand and uses the newest adaptive design technology so that no matter what device -- be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or home computer -- a consumer is using, they will view the same website, which will intuitively adapt to the device being used.

The new design puts at the forefront of the digital media industry. Only a few other publishers across the country have moved to an adaptive website design, which fundamentally means the site is designed to automatically change the format of its layout, images and advertising based on the device the viewer is using.

Currently, receives as much as 20 percent of its daily traffic from mobile devices. And that percentage will only grow as retailers sold nearly 1 billion smartphones and tablet devices last year, and sales projections for the coming are anticipated to grow.

However, the newly relaunched site's innovation doesn't end with just the adaptive design. Consumers also should be excited about the fact that the new design allows for photos and other content to be displayed larger, preview navigation, related content links and related topics.'s monthly average about 145,000 impressions with about 43,000 visits. Forum Communications Co. digital network's monthly average is 31.7 million impressions with 5.4 million visits.

The Morris Sun Tribune and are both owned by Forum Communications Co., a multimedia information company based in Fargo, N.D. Forum Communications Co. owns dozens of newspapers, websites and television and radio stations in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Readers are invited to forward comments about the new website to

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