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Kindergarten: We had a great week. Mrs. Sayles is gone to Wolf Ridge (ELC) with the sixth grade class and their parents and Mrs. Hentges is in our room. We worked with the letter Ff this week and we celebrated Dylan Mahoney's Wonderful Week. There was also two more birthday's in our classroom--we are getting old!

Grade 1: This week was a tough week in spelling. We had words with ch-, -tch, and wh-. We learned about many different kinds of art in reading. We are working with groups of ten in math and numbers up to 120. In social studies, we have started the unit "We Love Our Country." We will be learning about important American symbols, landmarks and heroes. In science we are learning what rocks and soil are made of.

Grade 2: We have been learning about rural, urban and suburban areas in social studies class. We found out that we live in a rural area. We also learned that Minneapolis and St. Paul are considered urban areas. The smaller cities near an urban area are called suburbs. We are also learning to tell time in math class. We have been using clocks to practice elapsed time.

Grade 3: The third graders are really getting into their work with multiplication and division. We practice our facts with the SMART Board, iPad, and a deck of cards. We are working with 2, 3, 5, 9, and 10 in both operations. We have decided that it is a lot of fun. Our Scholastic News discussed the inauguration which will be held on Jan. 21. We continue to work on our Dinner/Auction classroom project.

Grade 4: We have been working hard on learning the northeast states and their capitals in social studies. We also had our classroom Geography Bee and we will have our school Bee on Jan. 24. We are also enjoying reading the book Ungifted by Gordon Korman. He is one of our very favorite authors.

Grade 5: We have been learning all about circles this last week in math class. We know all about the radius, diameter and circumference of circles. In reading class we continue to learn about inferences. How an author will give us clues as to how a character feels but won't come right out and tell us. We are missing our friends in 6th grade and are hoping they had a great time at ELC.

Grade 6: The sixth graders are near Finland, on their sixth grade trip at the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center (ELC). They have been rock climbing, doing frozen lake study, climbing the adventure ropes, having a night hike and many other fun outdoor activities!!

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