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Job prospects in Minnesota

Karla Cronen

By Emily Wentler

One thing to take into consideration when choosing a college and field of study is job prospects. Karla Cronen, school counselor at Hancock Public School, says that this is one subject that many parents of future college students are concerned about.

When investing so much time, money and effort into getting an education, it is important to many people that they are investing wisely. Knowing about emerging and growing careers can help to understand which skills will be in demand. These skills can be developed to increase the chances of finding employment. There are two main reasons why a career may be growing: changes in technology, and global and local economic needs. According to Minnesota Careers, a Minnesota career counseling book, three of Minnesota's growing career areas are science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), energy, and health care. Careers in the energy sector can be found in four areas: engineering, installation and repair, production and construction.

Changes in laws and the population have increased the need for all types of health care workers in Minnesota. The growth in medical careers is partly because baby boomers are retiring. Demand for health care workers is strong and will continue to increase. Long-term care workers and practitioners with specialized skills are needed in both rural and urban areas of Minnesota. Some examples of careers in the health care industry are: physicians, psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, pharmacy aides, hospital registrars, health coordinators, speech pathologists and audiologists and occupational health nurses.

College can be a great investment but the cost of tuition is rising. It's nice to have a 'dream job' but it's important to know what it takes to turn that dream into reality. One way to find out if a career is a good fit is to test drive the occupation. Job shadowing, internships, volunteer service and other work-experience opportunities build career awareness.

If any Hancock students would like any more information on possible career planning for their future, they can make an appointment to speak to Mrs. Karla Cronen at Hancock High School.