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Talking it over: I'm sick of winter

I think I have officially come down with the winter blahs. I am tired of the cold weather, sick of bundling up and not too pleased with having to listen to weather reports before making any plans.

It is no secret that winter is my least favorite season even in the good years. I hate being cold, I hate fighting the snow, I don't like driving on slippery or blocked roads and I really detest the idea of being 'stormed in'.

I know there are a lot of people out there who like winter. That is probably why they live in Minnesota. For me it is just a circumstance of my birth - something I was born into and have to endure in order to stay close to the people I care about.

The last few years we had what I would term as 'good winters'. Even though there was snow, usually fairly late in the season, it melted away fast and didn't blow around too much. I was actually starting to believe in the whole global warming concept, thinking perhaps Minnesota was no longer in the deep freeze part of the country. Considering some of the cold temperatures we had over the weekend, I have to wonder what happened to global warming. It certainly isn't happening here.

Now along with the winter weather, we also have to worry about illness. The growing threat of influenza makes you want to stay home far away from spreading germs. You don't want to go to a clinic, hospital or nursing home in fear of catching it. Attending events at schools, makes you worry about every breathe you take or thing you come in contact with. Washing hands, clothing and anything else we touch, is of vital importance. A simple sneeze brings on worries of something worse to come.

I envy the people who can get away from the area, even for a week or two in winter. To bask away a few hours each day in warmth and sunshine would be heavenly. Better yet, to not have to worry about things you could catch or if the roads will be open, would make life much more pleasant.

If I had to come up with a treatment for the winter blahs, it would be a vacation to some place warm. Too bad that treatment is simply not in the books for everyone. Some of us just have to live with the blahs and try to make the best of a cold and dreary season.