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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: A full week except for the late start. We celebrated two half birthdays, one real birthday and Bobby Young's Wonderful week! We got to learn about construction and teamwork from Bobby's mom Becky and we toured the courthouse where Bobby's dad Nick works.

Grade 1: This week we are working with words with the long /i/ sound in reading. Our story for the week was a play and we enjoyed reading the different parts. We are also working on making predictions when reading a story. In math we have started working with groups of ten using coins and figuring out coin totals. In science we are starting our unit on earth science and learning about different landforms.

Grade 2: We are finishing our study of manuscript letters in Handwriting class and we are all very excited to begin learning to write in cursive. We will begin to learn to write the lower case letters first and to write combinations of letters to make words. In math class, we are beginning a unit on telling time. We will be reading both analog and digital clocks. We will also learn to tell how much time has elapsed.

Grade 3: The third graders are working on multiplication in math. They are practicing their repeated addition skills by challenging each other with decks of cards as flash cards. Our Scholastic News discussed bullying and we reviewed our classroom and school rules about the topic. We were excited to have Spanish again with Guadalupe on Monday morning. We are working on the tin punching for our class project for St. Mary's Dinner Auction which will be held on Feb. 16.

Grade 4: We are continuing to work on adding and subtracting very large numbers. We are doing a great job and learning new strategies to help us. In English we have started to learn about possessive nouns. This is tricky. We finished our unit in social studies on the northeast region and now we are working on getting ready for our school's geography bee.

Grade 5: In math class this week we have been learning about the polygons and their angles. We learned that triangles have 180 degrees, and we also learned how to find a missing angle. We also learned how to find the diameter and radius of a circle. We are busy preparing for the geography bee in social studies.

Grade 6: This week the sixth graders have been preparing for their trip to Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Finland. They will leave early Monday morning. In math we have been working with bar graphs and created a bar graph on Microsoft Excel with the predicted temperatures for Finland while they are on their trip. The lowest temperature predicted that we graphed was -1 degree Fahrenheit. In science we also started to prepare for the 6th grade Science Fair which will be held on March 26. In social the sixth graders have been working on Greek mythology and the Geography Bee.

Upcoming Events

Jan. 14-18--ELC Trip Jan. 18--End of Quarter 2

Jan. 21 & 22--No School