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Talking it over: Grandma's six pack

It is official. I am now the grandmother of a six-pack. With the arrival of Olivia Lee on Jan. 4, I have six beautiful grandchildren. I am so excited and happy to welcome this new baby girl into our family.

I have been told by both of my children that this will be my last grandchild. I keep thinking to myself 'we'll see', because you never know when those stragglers come along. However, even if she is my last grandchild, I will be very happy with these six healthy, energetic and cute (I may be a bit prejudice) children.

Six is a wonderful number in many ways. Many of us enjoy some refreshing beverages that often come in six-packs, making it a good number in that respect. Going to a bakery and ordering a half-dozen of the delicious treats there is also pretty awesome, as well as yummy.

The number six has other special meanings. When I googled six, I learned some interesting facts. Six is a lucky number in Chinese culture, a six sided object is called a hexagram and in mathematics, six is considered the perfect number. Most insects also have six legs. If someone has intuitive powers, they are said to have "a sixth sense."

Some other interesting things about six is that God created the world in six days. Then he rested on the seventh. An important thing to me is that the sixth month of the year is June, which is the month I was born.

There are so many good things about the number six and now I have one more to include in that list. I can't wait to get to know my sixth grandchild. I look forward to being a part of her life, just as I have been able to be part of the lives of the first five. Each one is special in their very own way and equal parts of our lives and in our hearts.