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Hancock city council approves building permit, purchases blower

The Hancock City Council held a special meeting on Dec. 27 to complete items of business for 2012. The council members approved on-sale liquor licenses for Inn Like Flinn's and Buddies.

After tabling action on a building permit submitted by Tony Ascheman at their last meeting, council met with Ascheman at this meeting. Ascheman had submitted a building permit for a storage facility to be built along the newly constructed portion of 7th Street across from Buddies. Ascheman told the council that this would be the first of what he proposed as three storage buildings to be built on this site.

The council members had a concern about regaining the costs of the water/sewer and street repairs when there would be no utilities at the site. They also considered this a good location for a housing development in the community.

Ascheman told the council that if the building permit was not approved, he would build the storage units in Morris. Council then asked if he could build the first unit closer to the tree line and work his way towards Highway 9. However, Ascheman preferred starting closer to the highway so that people could see the building.

In the end, the council approved the permit but asked Ascheman to start closer to the tree line and he responded that he will work with that.

The council members then completed a second tabled agenda item, the purchase of a snowblower. Three bids were received for a nine-foot 540 rpm blower. Councilman Bruce Malo stated that he would rather see the purchase of a 1000 rpm blower as he has not had good experience with the 540 rpm. However, the 540 rpm blower was what the council had requested bids for, so in the end they agreed to purchase the blower from the lowest bidder. The blower will be purchased for $7,055 from Schroeder Small Engines. Malo did not vote in favor of this purchase.