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Talking It Over: The Christmas Letter

Katie Erdman

It is that time of year. Time to get your Christmas card lists updated, cards printed and letters written. It is time to watch the mail each day for that once a year correspondence from loved ones and friends. It is time for Christmas letters.

I look forward to getting those cards and letters. It is especially nice to hear from people we don't see very often but I also like to read the letters of people we see all the time.

Some people scoff at those Christmas letters. They say that the letter is too long, has too much information or are simply not very personal as everyone receives the same greeting. I am one who enjoys the letters, likes to get those updates and totally understands how one letter to everyone is both time-saving and practical.

Those letters often inform us of new arrivals, major life changes, health concerns and fun memories from the year. If a letter is less 'newsy' and more 'boring', it is a good thing because it means that loved one or friend has had a quiet and relatively uneventful year.

That can be a good thing.

There are also those letters filled with news of loss, poor health or major problems. I like to hear these things too so I can pray for them or, if possible, offer help in some small way.

I have yet to get my cards and letters sent out and, thankfully, my letter this year will probably be a little boring. It will be filled with news of grandchildren growing and enhancing our lives, the celebration of 40 years of marriage and the hope for good health and good fortune in the new year.

I hope your Christmas letter can also be filled with more hopes and dreams than problems and loss. Let it be a way to share your life with those you care about and ease some of the pain the year may have brought. Then we can all pray for a better year ahead.