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Talking it over: Christmas gift

The voters in the Hancock School district just gave current and future Hancock students a wonderful new Christmas gift. An environment conducive to a quality education and the hope for a long and productive future for the school.

The passage of the referendum voted on this week was one of the best gifts our children could receive. They often say it takes a community to raise a child and the voter approval of this construction and upgrading at the school is one example of how the community takes an active role. The taxpayers are willing to give up a little more of their income each year in order to ensure a good learning environment for our children.

It goes way beyond the simple construction and remodeling, however. The larger classrooms will be better lit, have better air quality and be the recommended size for better learning. The computer labs will be larger and up-to-date, ready for the new technology coming out each year. The older elementary classrooms will receive some badly needed repairs and better lighting and heating systems. The list goes on and on with each improvement geared toward the best atmosphere for our students.

One other issue that fortunately has not been faced in Hancock is accessibility. The elementary classrooms, gym and lunch room are all accessible including wheelchair. However, many of the high school rooms are not. This can be a problem in instances that could include students who have had surgery or been in an accident as well has those with permanent disabilities. With the new improvement, an elevator will make all levels accessible, not just for students but for staff, parents and guests.

I would like to personally say thank you to all those who voted in favor of the referendum. You have done a good deed when it comes to the future of our children. And, in a very big way, you have given them a Christmas gift that will last their lifetime.