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Morris Area Fifth-grader wins Hanuka art contest

This is the art work created by Morris Area fifth-grader Sara Hoffman that will be featured on the American Jewish World newspaper.

Sara Hoffman, a fifth grade student at Morris Area Elementary School, was named the winner of the 21st Annual Hanuka Cover Contest sponsored by The American Jewish World.

The AJW is a bi-weekly newspaper based in St. Louis Park, Minn. Hoffman's illustration was chosen from among 66 contributions to the contest.

As has been the case in the recent past, the winning artwork reflects the omnipresence of digital technology. "My mom and brothers have iPods," Hoffman said, regarding her technology theme. In her rendering, the popular Apple iPad has become a "Chai-Pad," with Hanuka symbols, and apps for Hanuka music and the game "Angry Assyrians," among other options. The word "chai" is a Hebrew word that means "life."