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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: We experienced our "first snow delay" and thought it was fun. Let's hope there are not many more! We also had a two hour late start on Wednesday. Letter C was our letter this week and we added the word 'have' to our word pockets. We are very anxious for our program next Thursday and have been practicing like crazy.

Grade 1: We are busy preparing for Christmas with our Advent Prayer services and making some gifts for some special people. We are getting excited for our Christmas concert, also. In reading we are working on retelling the story as our comprehension skill and we worked with words with the -th and the -sh sounds this week for spelling. In math we continue our work with ten groups and extra ones and teen addition. We finished up our unit on animals in science. We are loving the snow!

Grade 2: We are enjoying going skating at the Lee Community Center for phy. ed. this week. We are getting time on the ice to practice our skating skills and to have fun too! In math class we are learning many strategies for solving two digit problems. For reading this week, we are reading a story within a story. Our story begins with a boy and his grandfather waiting on the porch for relatives to come visit. While they wait, the grandfather tells the little boy the story of the Three Bears. In this version, we are also learning some Spanish words and names.

Grade 3: We are busy in the classroom keeping up on our work and doing some Advent activities as well. In math we are working on word problems with or without enough information and multi step problems too. These can be very tricky at times so we have to think carefully. Our Scholastic News discussed how reindeer habitat is in trouble. We are enjoying skating at Lee Center for PE and thank Mrs. Winkelman for scheduling it. We are practicing for our Christmas Program with Mrs. Hodgson and invite you all to attend on Thursday, Dec. 20 at 7 p.m. at Assumption Church.

Grade 4: The fourth graders are starting to work on really large numbers in math class. We are going all the way up to the millions. We learned about friendly letters and wrote to friends, relatives, and classmates who have moved away. We are also loving our time at the skating rink in our PE class.

Grade 5: The fifth graders are working on comparison word problems. We are reviewing how to create situation and solution equations for word problems. In English we are reviewing time order words. These words help stories make better sense and also help when writing directions and recipes. We are really enjoying the skating we have been able to do in PE as well.

Grade 6: The sixth grade has been working on multiplying fraction and mixed numbers. On Thursday we finished reading The Sign of the Beaver and will be reviewing for a test next week. This week's spelling words focus on easily confused words. We are also having a wonderful time being able to go skating/play broomball for PE this week.

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Dec. 20 Christmas Program

Dec. 21 Last Day of Class - Jan. 2 Classes Resume