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Talking it over: Holiday temptations

There are so many temptations at this time of year. We are tempted to over-indulge, over-spend and over-work. It is almost impossible to resist temptation in December.

I struggle all year to not over-indulge, especially when it comes to food. I have all the best intentions to lose weight but good food is just too much of a temptation. In December it is even worse. There are holiday goodies everywhere we look, Christmas parties to attend and special recipes to prepare for this time of year. I still try not to over do it, but it is impossible to stick to a diet in December.

It is also hard to stick to a budget. Christmas shopping is so much fun but very easy to get out of hand. I try to make a list and stick to it, but there are so many great things on display. One of my problems is that if I buy one extra gift for one grandchild, I have to buy for the others too. I try to keep the number of packages and amount spent as equal as possible. This is a struggle when there are five grandchildren and they all have different wants and tastes.

I'm not sure how to avoid the over-work part of December. It is not only busy at my job but there is so much to do at home. Each day means long hours on the job and late nights spent at concerts, programs, ballgames and meetings. Every free minute in between is taken up with shopping, baking and wrapping due to my other overindulgences.

I don't think there is a way to avoid temptations in December. I just look at it as a once a year gift to myself. A time to indulge in a few temptations without the guilt felt during the rest of the year. Realizing that,helps me enjoy these indulgences and ultimately have a more peaceful, guilt-free Christmas.