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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: We had a nice N week! St. Nick even came to visit us. He said he will be watching us until Christmas. No worries for us. We continue to work on patterning and simple addition.

Grade 1: We are reading folktales this week. We enjoyed a few different versions of "The Three Little Pigs." In math we started working with ten groupings and seeing teen numbers as a group of ten and extra ones. St. Nicholas visited us on Wednesday. He reminded us that he will be watching us until Christmas so we need to remember to be on our best behavior!

Grade 2: In math we are learning to add a two digit and a one digit number this week. We are drawing ten sticks and ones circles to help us add these numbers. We also circle a group of 10 ones to make a ten when we need to regroup. We have been busy making art projects to display in the Public Library. Stop by and check out our heart Santas and Christmas trees.

Grade 3: This week in math the third graders worked with money, rounding, and graphs. We wrote and solved problems and created and completed tables based on the data they provided. We had our first Advent prayer service and made a decoration for the tree in the hallway. We are continuing to work on our cursive letters and will start the transition from manuscript to cursive sometime after the first of the year. We all enjoyed the visit from St. Nicholas!

Grade 4: This week in reading we have been learning about real life challenges that people have. We have learned about all of the interesting and varied sports there are in the Paralympics. We have been working on comparison problems and multi-step word problems in math. We were pretty fired up that St. Nicholas visited us and even more so when he said we have all been good!

Grade 5: This week we prayed the Rosary for the first time in religion class. We are also working on creating graphs in math using decimal numbers. We are learning about how different countries break up their political regions and how they are similar and different to us in social studies class. We really enjoyed our visit from St. Nicholas this week as well!

Grade 6: This week the sixth graders started a new unit in math. So far this week we have worked on finding common multiples, adding and subtracting with unlike denominators and adding and subtracting mixed numbers. In reading we are continuing to read "The Sign of the Beaver." Our spelling unit this week focused on words with ci and ti. On Wednesday we were visited by St. Nick!

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Dec. 12 -2 Hr. Late Start

Dec. 20 -Christmas Program

Dec. 24 -1st Day of Christmas Break