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Talking it over: Referendum question

It is no secret that I am whole-heartedly in favor of doing anything that shows support or helps the school. That is because I feel the school is a very important part of the community. It is not only a source for a great education and place for socializing and making friends but also keeps the community vibrant and alive.

In the next 10-12 days we will be learning more about an important referendum question that will be put to Hancock voters on Dec. 18. There is already some information in this issue and more should be going out to voters in the mail. The school board will also host a public meeting next Monday, Dec. 10 so voters can learn more about the referendum, ask questions and find out what the money will be used for.

I hope that everyone takes the time to learn as much as they can about the issue and then cast their vote on Dec. 18. Of course, I am hoping that the vote will be in favor of the referendum and not in opposition.

It has been fun over the last few years to see our classes grow and the enrollment numbers increase. With this growth, has also come some challenges for instructional space. It is a good problem to have and the extra classrooms are badly needed.

However, the renovations and remodeling is also badly needed. The board originally thought that the old high school building, built in 1912, would need to be replaced. However, it was soon evident that the building is sound and useable with some remodeling. One of the major things would be an elevator to make both floors accessible to everyone.

The current proposition for renovations and classrooms is quite reasonable compared to building an entire new high school. Some of the savings can be used to upgrade other areas of the school that need some attention. As with any building, upgrades such a paint, flooring, lights, windows and doors are all important to keep things fresh and efficient.

A good setting is important to a good education. Simple things like natural light, air quality and space can affect how a child learns and even how a teacher teaches. It is vital to make classrooms comfortable and the students flow productive and convenient.

Please take the time over the next week to learn as much as you can about the construction proposed for the school and then cast your vote on Dec. 18. Your school, community and students are depending on it.