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Kindergarten: Everyone is glad to be back after the Thanksgiving break. It was a review week with the letters I and T. We reviewed our words that we have had thus far. In math, we are starting simple addition and subtraction. For music we are working on our songs for the Christmas program.

Grade 1: This week we are learning about maps in social studies and in reading. We worked with a globe a little bit, too. We are also learning about different types of water in the United States and different land forms. In science we are learning about animal habitats and animal adaptations. We continue to work on addition and subtraction stories in math - learning to figure out if we need to add or subtract in order to solve the problem.

Grade 2: The second graders finished their Geometry unit on quadrilaterals and parallelograms. We learned to identify parallel lines and name shapes as quadrilaterals, parallelograms, rectangles and squares. In social studies we are learning about landforms. We colored a United States landform map with a map key and discussed the types of land in Minnesota and other parts of the U.S.

Grade 3: It was great to have a full week of school! In math we are comparing numbers, rounding to the nearest ten or hundred, and representing money amounts in different ways. Our reading story taught us that kids can make a difference when they see a problem and work on a solution. We are busy working on our Christmas program with Mrs. Hodgson and made a Jesse Tree as Advent begins.

Grade 4: In fourth grade we are reading a story about women playing major league baseball during World War II when many men were fighting in the war. We think it is pretty cool that we got to see a picture of the Minneapolis Millerettes when we visited Target Center this fall. We are also learning about rocks and minerals in science class.

Grade 5: We are still working with large numbers in math. We are learning how to round them when using pictographs and bar graphs. We are also learning about how the United States is broken into different regions such as; political, economic, cultural, and physical.

Grade 6: This week the sixth graders have been working with comparing and ordering fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and estimating fraction. We also started reading The Sign of the Beaver in reading. In science we started to learn and discuss renewable and nonrenewable resources.

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Dec. 9 Pancake Breakfast: Gr. K & 4

Dec. 12 Two Hour Late Start

Dec. 20 Christmas Program