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Looking Back

60 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun of November 18, 1952

Storage capacity for about 30,000 bushels of grain is represented by two grain silos, the latest addition to the plant of the Green's Milling company in Morris. The silos are of cement stave construction and are 20 feet in diameter and 60 feet in height.

Seven more Stevens County young men left Friday morning for induction into the armed forces of the nation. Comprising this latest group of inductees were Donald Bengston, Morris, Kenneth Hill, Morris, Charles Johnson, Morris, Raymond Luthi, Morris, LeRoy Karpinsky, Chokio, Delroy Scheelk, Alberta, Gilbert Schmidgall, Hancock. The group is part of the contingent of 18 men which went to Minneapolis on Oct. 29 for physical examinations.

If Miss Doreen Cloutier spilled coffee Monday morning on any of the early breakfast customers at the Merchants Coffee Shop, she should be excused. Here's why: As Doreen was walking to work at 5:20 yesterday morning, she noticed a muskrat across the street from her on Pacific Avenue. All of a sudden the muskrat made a dash for Doreen and Doreen naturally stepped up her pace. When she felt the rat biting at the heel of her shoe, she just jumped right out of her shoes and then really outdistanced the muskrat, making the rest of the way downtown in her stocking feet. Police Chief Louis Amborn was later dispatched to Pacific Avenue to rescue Doreen's shoes and her purse which she also dropped in her sudden takeoff. Because it is uncommon, even in Morris, no one should take Doreen's experience as an excuse not to go to work too early in the morning.

Four farm buildings, some machinery and considerable quantities of hay, oats and corn were destroyed in a disastrous wind-fanned fire at the Henry Kruize farm 3 1/2 miles east of Donnelly early Sunday morning. The farm is occupied and operated by John Kruize, who discovered the fire when he arrived home from Morris.

Cpl. James McRoberts, who left Morris with the National Guard company in Jan. 1951, and who arrived home a week ago after getting his discharge from active service at Camp Rucker, Ala., has resumed the position in the Loeffler and McRoberts Fairway Market which he held prior to leaving with the Guards.

40 Years Ago

Items taken from the Sun of November 7, 1972

Two Morris drug centers were combined last week through the purchase of one of the establishments. Effective Nov. 1 Carl Benson, owner of the Benson Walgreen Drug, became the proprietor of the Morris Prescription Center, buying the business from former owner, Mike Jacoby. Mr. Jacoby owned and operated the pharmacy adjoining the Morris Medical Center for more than two years, having purchased the business in March of 1970 from Phil Messner, who also owned and sold the former Messner Drug to Mr. Benson at that time. To fill the position of pharmacist at the medical center location, Mr. Benson has hired Milton Digre of Alexandria. Mr. Digre was formerly employed as pharmacist at the White Mart in Alexandria. Before that he operated the pharmacy in Clinton for 14 years.

Announcement has been made that, effective Nov. 1, David Wente and Jerry Koosman purchased the stock held by D. F. Rentz in Midwest Empire, Inc. Midwest Empire, Inc. owns and operates the Met Lounge in Morris. The three men have been joint stockholders in the firm since purchasing the on-sale liquor establishment from the city effective in Jan. 1971. Elton Koosman will be manager of the business.

Moser's Fine Jewlery store, which opened for business last week in Morris, will hold its formal grand opening from Nov. 9 through Nov. 18, according to store owner, Merlin Moser. The new business at 500 Atlantic Ave. carries a complete line of jewelry, china, silverware and glassware. A special room for selecting diamonds is a feature of the store.

Some 50 years ago, one horse-drawn hack was used to transport a few rural area students to the Morris public schools. Today the Morris school system owns 23 buses valued at $184,000, with a total seating capacity of 1,362 students, to provide transportation service for 81 per cent of the students attending the elementary and secondary schools in Morris. The school's transportation system has grown to be one of the major facets in the system. The increase in the number of buses in the system necessitated the recent construction of a new bus storage building, erected at 405 Wyoming Avenue, adjacent to the first bus garage. Open house will be held in the new facility Nov. 12.

20 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of October 15, 1992

Kyle "Christopher Columbus" Berget led Morris Area Elementary School fifth graders in a discussion about Columbus' voyage for a Columbus Day activity. The students read segments from the diaries of crew members and talked about how they would feel about landing at San Salvador after 33 days at sea. "I would thank God," one student said. Fifth graders in Berget's and Ken Gagner's classes also did a play about Columbus for other classes.

Response to the initial call for job applicants for the new Power Sentry plant in Wheaton has been very good. Fifty to 60 production assembly jobs were being offered in September. Power Sentry is a Minneapolis company which makes a variety of items including surge and noise protectors, and assembles electrical components.

Deborah Taylor, Morris, has been accepted at the University of Minnesota, Morris for fall quarter, 1992. Taylor was a 1987 graduate of Morris Area High School.

New council member, Greg Stehn, received congratulations from City Attorney Charlie Glasrud after Stehn was sworn in as a member of the City Council Tuesday night. Stehn will serve the next year of Ron Pollworth's term.