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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: The Kinder Kids were in charge of the Thanksgiving Mass at church and did an awesome job. We also gathered supplies for the food shelf, thanks to everyone who donated. We worked with the letter I this week and the word go. Very busy for a short week. Remember to count your blessings!

Grade 1: This week in social studies we spent some time learning about the first thanksgiving and about the pilgrims and how the Wampanoag Indians helped them learn to survive in Plymouth. We made home-made bread and butter. We worked with addition story problems with unknown totals this week. We are getting very good at our simple math facts. Thanks to everyone who donated items for our Food Shelf this week. Happy Thanksgiving!

Grade 2: We have been learning about North America in social studies class. We were surprised to learn there were so many countries in Central America that are a part of North America. We are studying parallelograms and quadrilaterals in math class. We are also learning that rectangles and squares both fit in those categories too. Thank you to everyone for donating food items for the Food Shelf this week.

Grade 3: We had another short week but we were able to finish our math mini unit on triangles, polygons, and angles. There is so much to know about these things and we will do more work with them as the year goes on. We held our Thanksgiving Mass on Tuesday and we all brought items for the food shelf. We are praying that everyone is able to find the food, clothing, and shelter they need as cold weather is approaching. We are looking forward to four full weeks of school before Christmas break.

Grade 4: We had another busy week. We are working diligently on learning how to find the area and perimeter of complex figures. It gets tricky especially when we have to find unlabeled lengths and widths. We also did an art project teaching us some more on symmetry. They really turned out beautiful. We would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Grade 5: In reading we talked about surveys- how to conduct them and when you would. We also have been working on adding and subtracting very large numbers, and some with decimals. In spelling, we worked on spelling words with long vowel sounds. We would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Grade 6: The sixth grade has been working on equivalent fractions, mixed numbers and improper fraction in math. Our spelling unit this week was on compound words which can be very tricky. In science, we continued to learn about rocks and minerals. On Tuesday we had our Thanksgiving Mass and each grade brought in items for the food shelf. We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

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