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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: Whoo hooo! A full week of school; it has been awhile. Conferences went well---100 percent came--thanks. The Parade of Lights was well attended and lots of fun again. It is a great event and St. Mary's families enjoy going and the gathering afterwards.

Grade 1: We read the story Little Red Hen in reading and are talking about the importance of helping out. We are working on subtraction story problems in math. We are starting to learn about where people live and how where they live affects the way they live in social studies. We enjoyed the Parade of Lights on Thursday night.

Grade 2: We are studying habitats in science class. We learned that habitats provide shelter, food and water for animals that live there. We are also learning about food chains. An example of a food chain from our book was: the sun, a plant, a bug, a lizard, a snake and a hawk. In social studies we learned that our absolute location is our address, and our relative location is described with places near our location. We are continuing to work with problem solving in math class.

Grade 3: This week in math we did some fun work with our UMM practicum teacher, Mrs. Doschadis, on symmetry and congruence. We also completed our unit on word problems with multi-digit comparisons and misleading language. We enjoyed the Scholastic Young Reader on-line stories and we made a Thanksgiving sampler by listening to directions on where to put the X in the squares. It was a lot harder than it looked. In our reading story we talked about how immigrants came to this country and started new communities and shared their culture. We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration this Thursday. We have so much to be grateful for!

Grade 4: This week we have been learning about the Civil Rights Movement. We read a story written by Martin Luther King's sister about their childhood and then we watched a movie about Ruby Bridges. It was very eye opening for us. We are also learning about angles and quadrilaterals in math class.

Grade 5: We are continuing to work on place value and lining up our decimals when dealing with whole numbers and decimals. We also have been learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in reading class. In social studies we are learning about how our economy works. We have been learning about factors of production and how our economy has changed over the years.

Grade 6: This week was finally a full week! In math we worked on divisibility of numbers, factors and prime factorization and also finding the greatest common factor (GCF) using three different methods. In reading we read a story titled The Night of the Pomegranate and worked a lot with making inferences with our reading story and also our AR books. In science we started a new lesson that is about rocks and minerals.

Upcoming Events

Nov. 22 & 23 Thanksgiving: No School

Dec. 3 Preschool Night: 6:30-7:30