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Kindergarten: We had a busy short week. On Tuesday we cast our vote for president as the 6th grade came around. We worked with the letters "S" and "P" again and patterns in math. Good luck to all the hunters.

Grade 1: What a busy short week. On Tuesday we participated in a mock election and got to cast our vote for president. We are busy working on addition and subtraction story problems with missing numbers in math. We made a trip to the public library to check out books and see our art displayed there. Report cards were sent home on Wednesday.

Grade 2: For social studies, we spent time discussing the election process and how to vote. The students had the opportunity within our school family to vote for president on Tuesday. It was interesting to compare our results with the U.S. national results on Wednesday. In math this week, we solved math problems with too little or too much information. We also are continuing to practice the upper addition basic facts.

Grade 3: This week the third graders continued their work on word problems in math and discussed respect for other people in religion. They received their first report cards of the year and their parents have the opportunity to come to school and visit about their progress. The class took its second AR Star Reading test and has shown growth during the nine weeks. We want to thank all veterans for their service and sacrifice so we can live in freedom and peace in the United States. We ask God to bless them all!

Grade 4: This week we have been working on figurative language. We have been learning about similes, metaphors, and onomatopoeia. We have also finished our math unit on factors, multiples, composite and prime numbers. In social studies we have been learning about our government and our citizen rights and duties.

Grade 5: In fifth grade math we are reviewing the place value digits we are familiar with and starting to work with decimals as well. It gets a little tricky when we start working with the billions and billionths place--but we are up for the challenge. We also started writing book reviews in English so we can share our favorite books with our classmates.

Grade 6: In sixth grade this week we did many things even though it was a short week. In math we finished up our unit on decimals and took a test. We also finished up our chapter in science on "Changes Over Time" and took a test. On Tuesday the sixth graders had the whole school participate in a mock election vote, which was a fun activity to do and compare the results to the actual results.

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