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Write-in candidates offer unpredictable results for local races in Stevens County

MORRIS - Almost 5,700 citizens voted in Stevens County during the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 6. In addition to both state and national candidates, many voters were able to make choices in city mayoral and city council races.

Here are the winners in city races and school board races for Stevens County, according to the unofficial results from the Stevens County Auditor/Treasurer's office:


Although the race for mayor of Donnelly was simple - Walter Biesterfeld won the race 115 votes - the race for Donnelly City Council was more complicated, with a write-in candidate receiving the highest vote total.

Audrey McNally, a write-in candidate, received 72 votes. She was followed closely by the only candidate on the ballot, Gordon Lea, with 71 votes. Both will serve on the city council.

A second write-in candidate, Alan Recker, came in a close third with 69 votes.


In the city of Alberta, Glen Tomoson was elected mayor with 50 votes, and both Cathy Rach and Donald Kill were elected to the Alberta City Council.


Roger Gerdes was elected mayor of Chokio with 183 votes. Brian Marty and Roland Jurgens were elected to the Chokio City Council with 196 and 115 votes respectively, defeating Susan Smith who earned 96 votes.

Chokio-Alberta School District

Both Robyn Marty and Christina Pederson were elected to the Chokio-Alberta School Board, but the third candidate will not be announced until the Stevens County Auditor/Treasurer's office finishes counting the 196 ballots with write-in candidates.


City council member Bruce Malo defeated city council member Jeff Flaten in the contest for mayor of Hancock, earning 190 votes to Flaten's 157 votes.

Dennis Schroeder and Bob Stapes were elected to the Hancock City Council, defeating challengers Ron Coates and Ray Hoberg Sr.

Other races

Dave Lonergan, Don Huntly, and Kirby Hufford were elected as Soil and Water Supervisors in uncontested races.

According to the Stevens County Auditor/Treasurer's office, election results are expected to be officially certified sometime next week. You can see all of the unofficial results from Stevens County online at the Minnesota Secretary of State's website.